What makes a lymph node suspicious

Good morning everyone. I had an ultrsound yesterday and the technician spent a lot of time scanning and measuring a couple of lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. My doctor wanted me to take my cd with me, so of course my curiosity got the best of me and I had to look at it. I saw the couple of nodes she was scanning and the measurements were indicated on the screen. So my question is....is it node enlargment that is suspicious or is it the characteristics of the appearance?

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It's the characteristics. Usually, there is a report that goes with the pictures that describes the characteristics that could make it suspicious, for example, hypoechoic features, irregular margins, psammoma bodies, loss of fatty hilum, and so forth. Or they might not have found normal "reactive" nodes or other benign features.

TMI??? :-)) I do hope things turn out all right for you.

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when i had my ultrasound done, the technician bought in the radiologist to look..the radiologist said there are 4 things that make a node suspicious. of course i was so afraid all i remember is he said round was one of them and heterogenous, speckles in them. i forget the other two indications to make a node suspicious. i had the speckling one, one doc, original surgeon said wait and watch in 6 mos. my endo said she wants is biopsied now..so of course, i am going for biopsy. Now remember, this coming from a woman who was scared and i don't remember well anyway during the ultrasound. My experience only. Hope all works out good for you!!!

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Because my 1 year stimulated Tg went up, my endo ordered an ultrasound. During it they found 2 suspicious nodes because of their characteristics. The 1st is round hypoechoic without obvious fatty hilum. The 2nd is a prominent node appearing somewhat heterogeneous, indistinct & hypervascular. I had 2nd one biopsyied since it was larger & easier to get to, and surprisely the results came back non cancer. So now I am just being watched more closely. I am not quite sure of the how and why reasons for it being noncancerous; My endo didn't speak with me directly about the good news(I guess I should call him especially since I still can't help but wonder about them?) Perhaps they are precancerous - IF that exists for us thyroid cancer patients; Maybe that's why my endo is monitoring me more closely. Wish I could help more. The best of luck to you and hopefully it will be no cancer!!!

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