What blood work did you have for 1 year scan?

I am having my 1 year follow-up scan on Friday. I have been on the LID for a bit over two weeks. I have my Thyrogen shot Monday and a pregnancy test and the other thyrogen shot today.

the nurse that gave me today's shot said I have to go for my tracer pill tomorrow and blood work then the scan on Friday and the other blood work. I told her I only had blood work for Friday not tomorrow. She said usually they check your TSH level on that Wednesday.
I only have a lab slip for Thyroglobulin for Friday.

Anyway long story short did you have your TSH level checked after your Thyrogen shots and before your scan?

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I didn't. I just had a six month scan with Thyrogen. I had the shots on Monday and Tuesday (pregnancy test also) and then the pill on Wednesday. The actual scan didn't occur until Thursday. No other tests were performed. I won't have the thyroglobulin test again until May.

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I just had my one year scan last week. On the Monday I had the first Thyrogen shot in my right hip, Tuesday second Thyrogen shot in the left hip, Wednesday I took the RAI pill then Thursday I had my scan... Lasted about an hour and a half!
No blood work, no low iodine diet - nothing like you. Just had the shots, pill then the scan.
I dont know why you are having any of that done. Sounds weird! Maybe your doctor is not up to date with the new ways...
I would question him or her...

Good luck...

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I would love to know what you end up doing. I am having a heck of a time here. I am supposed to be having my first follow up scan next Friday. I have 2 docs and a hospital that can't agree on anything other then I need to have a pregnancy test before the RAI pill...
I am on the LID diet like you and this will be my first experience with the Thyrogen shots. If you could PLEASE tell me if you are taking your Synthroid through the week. My Endo said to keep taking it. My Radio Oncologist said I should not take it the day of the shots. I am so confused. I called both again today and no one is ordering any blood work. Seems to me like they would want to make sure my TSH is high after the shots and before the scan???? It is really hard being your own doctor!!!

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TSH levels are irrelevant if you take thyrogen. It is only important if you go the "HYPO" route. There is no scientific reason to not take your synthroid. They should take blood before the shots to get your baseline Thyroglobulin and again after the thyrogen (the day of the scan). Both times are to get your TG measurement.

Going on the LID diet is helpful whether taking thyrogen or HYPO. Going on the LID is the gold standard for patient care and is in the latest recommendations for the ATA.

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thank you laxmom! You don't know what you don't know. And if the doctors don't know, i am just out of luck. So thankful for the web community to help!

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I agree with laxmom! LID is important and improves treatment and scans. You can take your synthroid the whole time when doing Thyrogen shots. I've always had my TSH checked, along with Thyroglobulin, when swallowing the tracer RAI dosage. This is when your TSH should be quite high and your Tg is most stimulated.
I hope this helps!

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