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Well, after 2 clean scans I was feeling better mentally but dragging with low energy and low mood. That's the wierd part about having thyca for me......the cancer itself is sometimes more curable but it affects a lot of other stuff and it seems to be an on-going health issue. My tsh is still <.02 with 3 dose changes over the last 8 months. It's not budging. I assumed that is why I was so tired.

My family dr. offered to do a testosterone test and it came back really low. I knew a lot of the women on this board had hormone issues after thyca but I never thought to have mine checked. I'm not sure of the link but it's interesting that endocrinologists dose testosterone. I just started on replacement this week and I really hope it is the solution to my low energy.

Thought I would share for the guys out there to have it checked if you are low on energy.

Some days I throw a pitty party for myself and wish I could go back to my healthy, doctor free life prior to thyca but then realize that life is still pretty awesome for me.

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Im with ya! This low energy is killing me.....I used to go to the gym and go out dancing 5-6 nights a week. Now I cant seem to get off the sofa, thinking Im gonna end up an old maid! LOL

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Hi Brad, I share the annoyance of the seemingly endless search for even a little more energy and stamina. I know my age is a factor, but I still want to do many of the things that I've always done without tiring. I've tried the "Ensure" drink in the mornings and can't really tell any boost in energy. I picked up one of those "5 hr. energy drinks" one day at the commissary and drank it. It gave me about a 15 min. caffeine buzz, and my wife said it made me talk faster, so I haven't had any more of those. I push myself to stay mobile and motivated, but often I push the limits and have to sit down and rest, especially in our hot climate. When having a less than fun round of golf and grumbling, and a playing partner reminds me that I could be laying up in a VA hospital somewhere, that really doesn't do a lot to help my feelings or my golf, even if it is true. So, we plod on with a silly dream that somewhere there may be a fountain of youth just waiting to be discovered.

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I hope this will be a great solution for you! I've read a few things about it that were encouraging, so keep the faith.

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Please keep us updated. I hope it works great for you!

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Have you tried multivitamins? There's one called Fatigued to Fantastic that was made for people with our "conditions" or similar ones. It has gotten great reviews. Its a powder to mix in water and tastes pretty good. I tried it for a little while, but at the time my medication was changing a lot so never really got a good idea if it worked or not.

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