Made a bit of progress today. Called the Endocrinologist and they are going to do some blood work prior to my appointment to see if they can get me some relief and figure out what is going on with all these aches and pains in my body. Thank God.

Never thought one little organ can cause so much grief. I have been to the family doctor, the hospital. They hospital said they can't do anything that I need to see the Endo and sent my report there. They family doctor just doesn't know what to do and tells me I have inflammation.

See Endo - Aug 2/2013 and TT Surgery Sep 13/13

Am I the only one that is having this problem?

Thanks for listening.

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I had awful symptoms for a year pre-TT. I was a shut-in and barely functioning. I was very toxic from a heavy load of Thyroglobulin and antibodies. I finally felt better after RAI which killed off all the thyroid tissie as well as the thyroid cancer tissue. I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time and hope the doctors can find something to help you.

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