The low iodine diet prepared my body for the radioactive cocktail I drank yesterday. I've been in and out of Boston since Monday. Now in isolation for 3 days. Some well needed rest is on the agenda. My cat keeps trying to get into the room, scratching at the door. I miss him. My husband is taking very good care of me from afar. I miss him more. Prayers that this treatment does everything needed for this leg of the race.

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can you give the kitty an article of clothing that has your scent on it? drink plenty of water (90 oz). you can sit outside if you stay 6 ft away from people. feel better soon!

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(((Hugs))) My kitty was outside my door constantly for two days whining. I felt soooo bad. I hope you're feeling fine and raring to go when you get out of isolation

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Kitty(Theo) can see me out the window as I lay in the hammock. I totally enjoyed my time outside. Theo was much better yesterday. My husband had to entertain him and tire him out. I gave him the blanket we use when we curl up in the easy chair together. Thank you so much.

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you are welcome! this too shall pass. keep the faith!

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