Toothache/Sore Gums

My RAI was on June 10. Last week I had problems with a salivary stone. I also had a huge blisher that formed under my tongue. Fortuntely last week's problems have been resolved; however, now on the upper and other side of my mouth I have a toothache and my gums hurt (I'm not exactly sure if it's my teeth or my gums that hurt). Plus the roof of my mouth is sore and kind of puffy.

I've never had anything like this before. Anyone have similar problems now or in the past? How long does this last?


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That all sounds like side effects from the radiation, but my TT was 20 yrs ago and my memory isn't what it used to be.. For me now a dry mouth is always present and salivary gland blockages are more numerous. Also be aware of tooth problems, I have had 3 root canals due to cracked teeth. Something I wish they would have warned me about. Radiation seems to make teeth more brittle, so be very careful eating nuts, ground meats or anything that may have a surprise shell or bone or the such. Chew slowly. It was recommended to chew gum for the dry mouth. Be sure to address these problems you are currently experiencing with your doctor(s), especially if they get worse..

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try Biotene for the dry mouth it is a mouthwash specifically for it and it may even help to sooth the gums

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My RAI was March 28th. It is now early July and my peeling sore gums have finally recovered. I found that eating crisp chips and hot beverages was usually the trigger. Another friend who had chemo for breast cancer expereinced this as well. I think radiation breaks down our membranes throughout our digestive tract starting with the mouth. The side effects from RAI is milder than that of chemo. Hang in there it will pass! :-)

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