Tirosint vs. Brand Synthroid

My Endo started me on Tirosint about a month ago. It is in a gel cap instead of the regular synthroid in gluten based pill.

Beware all doses and gel caps look the same, not different colors for doses on synthroid. I have to be very careful when using sample packs b/c one week I took 1/2 dose accidentally during LID (no fun)

I take it in conjunction with Cytomel 25mcg.

Hard to see result b/c I am just 10 days post RAI but is anyone else taking this or have info on it?

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anyone out there, know about this topic? thank you.

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Well I can't say I know about the topic but am basically in the same situation that you are in. I just started the new medication about 3 days ago. My TSH level was 18.0 so my Endo felt that one reason was that I might have stopped absorption of the synthroid. So she put me on same dosage of Tirosint. I will take another blood test in about 6 weeks to see if dosage needs to change. I am excited about the new pill. I think it is much better because it's pure medicine only for the most part. No gluten or other unnecessary stuff.good luck with your usage and hopefully with continued use we will both be happy.

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I was wondering if Tirosint is really any better than brand Synthroid too. I plan to ask my Endo about it at my next appt with him, but that isn't till November. I've had gut irritability (bloating, diarrhea, increased bowel movements) ever since my thyroidectomy and starting Synthroid in 12/09. Not sure if my gut is also irritated b/c I've been on a ton of calcium carbonate for hypoparathyroidism too. I'd be curious to hear anyone's experience with Tirosint too, whether it's better tolerated, more steady TSH levels, etc.? Also, is it a lot more expensive??

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