Tired of being tired

It's been almost a year since my thyroid mess had started. Gone through the TT, radiation, and they found a spot under my lung that won't go away for whatever reason, so I might have to go through the RAI all over again. I'm okay with all of that, I'd rather do as much as I can to get the cancer out of me, but I'm tired of always being tired! The doctor says my tsh levels are where they should be and everything looks great otherwise but I'm just exhausted and could sleep for days. My doctor tried using the whole "well maybe you don't exercise enough, or your diet sucks, or any other excuse but....well your body is performing like shit because we don't have your meds. Figured out" he did change the dosage but now I'm falling asleep every time I sit on a couch. I am a very active person, walking about 5 miles a day, eat healthy even though I have my junk food days, but I'm always so tired.

Any suggestions in how to boost my energy?? I'm just annoyed that if I sit for too long my eyes get super heavy and then I'm slowly drifting off to sleep. I'm also tired of my doctor saying I'm a lazy person and need to be more active to boost my energy! Sometimes wish these doctors had gone through the stress and anxiety of having something in your body try and kill you!

Sorry for the venting, I'm usually a very happy person but I'm just ready to feel like my health is back to normal again..

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It will be one year on Columbus day that I started this journey. Please know you are not alone with this. Every time I sit I also fall fast asleep. I feel so very tired. I try to keep myself busy. I love to cook for the family. I can usually prepare the main entre, and leave the rest up to my husband to prepare. I made a meatloaf for dinner last night. By supper time I had no energy left to put together the rest of the meal. I am very frustrated by this. The recliner is my favorite place to be. Our bodies have been through a lot this past year. I can only pray it gets better.

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So sorry we all feel this way, I too can fall asleep if I sit down on a couch. I just sent a message to my Endo asking for help with this because I have been sleeping 15 hours a day! I have not heard back yet, but I expect I will not be taken seriously. It has been a little over 3 months since all this started for me, and I want to heal. Maybe someone here will have an answer for us. Wishing you both the best of health.

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You can't go by TSH alone. It's pretty much useless once you reach suppression level.
Fine tuning of meds requires both free t4 testing as well as free t3 testing.
Get copies of your labs with reference ranges. Do not accept "your numbers are normal."

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I know how you feel. It has been three years since my TT, and just recently has my energy improved. My drs said the same thing "your levels are where they should be" I don't know why you are tired. I even had them check my iron level to see if I was anemic, and that was "normal". I finally went to an integrative med dr and he ran 90 blood tests that my other drs didn't. I was iron, vitamin, hormone, cortisol deficient among other things. I know vitamin B12, C & Magnesium help with energy. The integrative med dr was out of state, so I followed up with a naturopath Dr here. She is in agreement with integrative med dr, and has followed up on the tests he originally ordered and adjusted my meds/supplements accordingly. It never hurts to get a 2nd opinion. And I still see my Endo for thyroid meds.

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Ya I'm trying to stay positive and this week I'm tweaking my eating habits, basically really trying to cut down on carbs and eat more fruits and veggies. Thinking of inventing an energy drink for us non thyroid people who are always tired all the time!

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I wonder if you never gave your body a chance to really recover after surgery and RAI. I had a TT on March 5 and RAI on May 31. I have been back on my thyroid meds since June 7 and i still do not have the energy I had before this all started. I think this whole treatment takes so much out of us that it takes our bodies a very long time to recover. I think in your case i would try to cut down on carbs, as you are doing, and be sure to eat a super healthy diet-very little junk food and almost NO WHITE FOODS-except maybe cauliflower. Avoid preservatives and hormones and antibiotics in your food. I know within a couple of weeks of cutting out all preservatives, etc. in my diet, I felt 100% better.(Of course, this was well before thyca.)
Try cutting back on your exercise program for awhile and see if you can manage more sleep at night. Maybe you just need to give your body some more time to heal. And try a multi vitamin and some extra Vit.D for awhile.
A second opinion from an endo wouldn't hurt, either. Hope you feel better soon.
It's one thing for an older woman like me to be tired, but quite another for a young woman like you. God bless you in your recovery.

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I hear ya sweetie.

Me too. I was diagnosed April 2012. A TT, two RAI's and a radical neck dissection later I'm hanging in there, but i sure don't feel well, let alone anywhere near my old self.

I leave my profile pic up as a reminder. It was taken just before I walked out the door to get my drain out from my TT. I had no idea I was going to be told I had Stage 3 Pap. He didn't tell me in the hospital even though he knew.

That was only a year and a half ago, but it feels like an entire life time.

We just have to do everything we can to take care of ourselves every day. Sometimes I feel like I'll punch someone if they tell me to keep a positive attitude. LOL Hey, I try my best! But if I'm still sick, it's not cause my attitude wasn't positive enough!

Hang in there luvie,
hugs and aloha,

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I am amazed at how tired I am. My meds are not yet where they should be but everyone expects that I am going to be normal since I am back at work and trying to get back into the swing of things. It really annoys me that clinical signs are not taken into account when adjusting medications but only the few numbers they check on the bloodwork. There are often other reasons for lack of energy but they usually don't test for them either. All my numbers were normal when I was diagnosed and my cancer would never have been found if I did not insist I had a thyroid issue and my doctor just did additional testing to appease me. The medical profession can be great but it also can be scary. If you don't feel right switch doctors until you find one that listens to you. I had to switch from my endocrinologist to my ENT surgeon for adjustment of my thyroid medications because me endo wanted me to stay at a dose of 25 mcg for at least 6 weeks before adjusting up to a whopping 50 mcg! I could barely move every day and my surgeon told me he was increasing my dose to 125 mcg. Thankfully within a few days of the new dose I can at least stay awake for most of the day. The ENT could not believe I was started at such a low dose. Neither could I. I can't wait to be properly regulated and hopefully feel more normal (whatever that will be).

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