This is ridiculous.

Why can't everything have the same rules for the LID? One thing says something is ok and then I read something else and it says it is a big no-no. I have RAI a week from tomorrow and feel like I may have just wasted a week because of something I ate that was ok in the thyca cookbook that the hospital gave me but not on the checkyouneck website. Grrr......

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I took it that each food item had its own level of iodine. If you can find out how much iodine is in the food you ate, it might not make much difference if it is on one list and not the other. The whole point is to stay within the range of daily iodine intake. As they say, it is a Low Iodine Diet, and not a No Iodine Diet. You might just ask the Radiology doctor to see what he says.

I just had my RAI treatment this past Wednesday, and I ate every bit of food that I was allowed to eat. After a while, I didn't feel hungry much. I lost 10 lbs and went down to 142, and my blood pressure went from 130/90 to 98/62. I made quite a bit of calls to the doctors office to find out what was happening. After I started eating again, the weight is slowly getting up there. The blood pressure is now leveled off at 113/78. My favorite food was the microwaving of a potato, then slicing it into thick chips, and frying it in pan with vegetable oil. Add a little no iodine salt, and it was delicious.

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It was dried cranberries. The thyca book, said dried fruit was ok so I got like 4 bags of them and ate 1 bag already. I'm so mad! Why can't everything be the same? :(

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The guidance given me was that I could have 1/2 cup (1 serving) of berries/cranberries a day. But if that is all the fruit you were eating, it might have been okay. I could have eaten 5 servings of fruit a day. Did you eat more than two and a half cups?

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No, the whole bag is only 5 oz so maybe it will be ok. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

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Some guidance said that popcorn was okay, but it was not on my list. So I didn't eat it. I stopped my LID on Thursday and had several batches since.

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The nuclear medicine dept. at the hospital only required me to discontinue my multi-vitamin because it contained iodine, not eat any seafood or kelp, and stay away from real salty foods. My endo informed me that "we don't do that LID diet anymore-just no multi=vitamin or kelp. I still don't know the reasoning behind that. I eliminated all but 1 cup of milk or less a day, all eggs, except the one egg in homemade muffins(figuring 1/12 of an egg yolk couldn't be too bad) and used non-iodized salt in all my cooking. I was afraid to do only what they told me. I don't understand the lack of consistency about LID and just hope and pray what I did eat did not negatively impact my RAI. I cooked a pork tenderloin and cut in into 1 oz slices, froze them, and then warmed them up each morning in the skillet with a little olive oil and uniodized salt to take the place of my bacon. That worked pretty good.

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