This gosh darned "choking sensation"

TT- June 14, 2013
RAI - August 29, 2013


I was diagnosed, had the surgery. Recovery went extremely well. Went through LID and RAI. WBS was good. Everything went well in my estimation. About 2 weeks after RAI, (Sept 14) I woke up with a sore throat. I started coughing. I saw a PCP and she gave me cough medicine and said it was probably a virus. It's a month now and the sore throat gets better and it gets worse. There's a sharp feeling in the same place when I swallow. The "choking sensation" is getting worse as I progress. I often wonder what happens to that space where the thyroid used to be?

Anyway, I'm putting my foot down and seeing my PCP AGAIN for this on Thursday. I see the endo in a month. I've read a lot of threads about that "choking sensation". I'm just at my wits end with this wild THYCA ride we're on.

I don't think I can take anymore bad news.

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hi Sharon. yes it is a ride that we were never willing to do.but we have to.sorry for my english if i make mistakes because i am in turkey. so i have many friends having all types of cancer. so ill. if life offered us this we have to accet the fact.not that i am a strong person bu we are all here to support eachother.i had my Rai 2 weeks ago so maybe i will have the same problem as you have.not yet. but we have to be strong fot the loved ones. i have 2 young kids. a single friend of mine who never got married told me that death means only not being able to read books anymore for her.for me it isnt so simple. my kids ned we need to be strong. hope this helps you.i dont want to make you feel worse.i hope i am helpful.

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Wish I had good news for you, but I had my TT in January, and I still have that choking sensation, especially with any kind of physical exertion. I tried to describe it to my surgeon last week, and he thought it was just due to shortness of breath, I've got 2 paralyzed vocal cords so I have constant shortness of breath, but I don't think that is it. It literally feels sometimes like there is a noose around my neck. Awful sick of this.

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May want to ask your endo about the possibility of getting checked out by an ENT.

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I agree with Chris and would consult an ENT who is knowledgeable and up to date with technology to do some investigation and testing.

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I had TT in July 2003 followed by RAI and then left neck dissection in October 2004 to remove cancerous lymph nodes and then RAI 6 weeks later and I still get a tight neck and chocking sensations at times! Have been told by doctors that is probably due to scar tissue and RAI also tightens up neck as well. I also suspect that anxiety/stress plays a part in my tight neck and choking sensations at times.

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I know for a fact that my tightness is worse when I am worried, uptight, stressed or feeling any sort of negative. I was extremely worried about it initially. I've had all my treatment this year, and I think it's improving with time....or perhaps I'm getting used to it!
I was told that it's fairly usual. Hope yours improves. X

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One thing you might want to investigate is Laryngeal Pharyngeal Reflux Disease. I developed similar symptoms to yours after my TT and RAI. The cause for me was LPR. (I don't know if it was scarring or nerve injury or what that precipitated it.) The acid and pepsin from your stomach refluxes into the back of your throat. This causes chemical burning of your vocal cords and intermittent choking and coughing.
The treatment is doubling up on GERD treatments. A combination of both a H2 Blocker twice a day AND a proton-pump inhibitor twice a day. Elevation of the head of your bed is also VERY helpful. I use the "Mediwedge"--a little expensive but more effective than an extra pillow. And personally, I have been drinking alkaline water to increase the pH in my stomach up to 8.0 to inactivate the pepsin that refluxes.

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I have not had surgery yet. I am Hyper thyroid and very large nodular goiter. I Had an RAI 123 scan and two biopsies hat and have been told to get a third. A friend of mine on team inspire said my nodules despite whether they are cancerous or not are only going to continue to grow as they have over the last six years. She suggests I find a surgeon immediately. I have the same questions about my throat because I already have a chronic cough that has nothing to do with Gerd it has to do with the construction of my throat. I believe the constriction is from the large goiter. But like another poster said, What fills the space after you have the nodule removed? A friend of mine who had kidney cancer, although she was late stage she had his kidney removed only for it to be filled back in with cancer.

That is a little bit catastrophize and on my part yet something has to fill that space? Doesn't it?

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