They called me back!!!

My Doc called me back! Finally! They do not want me to have to wait until Dec 3rd, so he is calling the VA in Columbia to see if they can get me in sooner! He was not pleased to hear my TSH went from 101 on Tuesday to 149 on Saturday. Fingers crossed they get me in sooner!! It will be a four hour drive, but better than having to wait!

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I will be doing RAI tomorrow or Weds!!

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I would STILL buy a cytomel prescription today!

Basically within 48 hours of swallowing the RAI pill most people start meds, I would NOT start with a T4 only at your TSH. You absolutely will need a cytomel plus T4 to start. I hope all goes well, but please go buy a cytomel one week prescription minimum, to start on x hours post swallow RAI pill (ask your doc what x is, 48 is common). If he lets you buy a long term cytomel plus t4.

While it sounds like your doc is trying he needs to care about you too not just schedules, etc.

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It's good that its being resolved, but hard to believe that he wouldn't have known your TSH could go up that high after four or five weeks of withdrawal. I hope that he is not going to give you a high dose of RAI.

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Good to hear! Best of luck!

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Yep, I am going tomorrow morning! I will be coming back home tomorrow! Yay!! While I am gone, hubby will be getting our room ready for me while I am in isolation. I am so ready for this to be over with!

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Like Biomeee said, ask for a " tapering dose" of Cytomel to take, while your levothyroxine supplement kicks in. You will need al least 6 weeks to start feeling better otherwise. Glad they are finally getting you the care you deserve. Quite a scary post for the last week. Keep us posted.

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I saw your post that you have arrived safely and I am so glad. God bless you this week. ((Hugs))

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So glad you are going in sooner than later and will get that phase behind you! Good Luck!!

Be Strong and Stay Positive!

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yay glad you in sooner!

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