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I received my tg results online today. They remain the same which is - less than 0.1. The only thing different is the term thyroglobulin, Reflex. Does anyone know what Reflex means? I have never heard that before.

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There are some people on here familiar with assays used in Tg testing, but at quick look it looks like they switch from regular to "reflex" Tg when you are TgAB positive as a way to still measure Tg without the AB interference. Other labs call it comprehensive, or other names where they first check for TgAB then change the assay methods. I think that is all it is, I am sure somebody else here may have had that or could explain more.

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I don't know about the intricacies of assays, but good for you that you are paying attention! I hope you get an answer at your next follow-up appointment. I'm so glad it is still <0.1.

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