Synthroid vs. Eltroxin

Does anyone know the difference between Synthroid and Eltroxin? I was on Synthroid and when I renewed the pharmacy gave me Eltroxin. I have noticed I am very tired, arms and legs are tired and sore, headache. Not sure if this is the drug change, but has anyone else had side effects to a change?

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Hello hope you're well. Having a close friend who is a pharmacist. She advised me that there is no major difference between the two drugs Eltroxin and Synthroid both contain the same active ingredient levothyroxine. The non active ingredients may vary, however it doesn't change the effects of the medication. However, she also told me that one should remain on the same manufacturer of levothyroxine whether its Synthroid or Eltroxin. I've always been on synthroid. Try to have it changed back to synthroid and see if your symptoms dissipate. Hope this helps. Have a good day.

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Hi! I'm still a newbie, but my Endo advised me to always stick to brand name medication and never accept a generic or alternate type. She said that there has been some inconsistency with the dosing of generic medications (you may not be always getting the dose labled)?

For other medications (ie. birth control pills) I have noticed a huge difference between brand name and generic options and so always insist on brand name only (even if the active ingredients are the same, the inactive ingredients can affect how your body processes/responds to the medication).

Hope you get the problem sorted out fast!

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IBelieve2010, you should always take the same manufacturer (brand) pill. Does your doc know your rx has been changed from synthroid to eltroxin? Also, I've never heard of eltroxin (not that that means anything). Is it bioequivalent to synthroid?

I would contact you doc asap, to find out.

"She said that there has been some inconsistency with the dosing of generic medications"

The inconsistencies come from the inactive ingredients, which vary from brand to brand and generic to generic (manufacturer to manufacturer). A person should always have their levo dose come from the same manufacturer, every time. There is not inconsistency in the dosing of generic meds though, not in that manner. There is inconsistency between all brands (generic or name brand).

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Elrtoxin has been found to cause the type of side effects you mention, as reported to me directly by a friend in Israel. The manufacturer changed the non-active ingredients in several countries, without telling patients, many of whom are reporting symptoms of side effects. See articles gate-handling-of-drug-s-side-effects-1.392354 and aking-eltroxin-brand-levothyroxine-in-new-zealand.htm. I joined this community hoping to hear if there are any similar issues in the US.

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Was this switch done by the pharmacist or required by your insurance. Synthroid is the most expensive brand on the market and insurers frequently try to switch to generic forms to lower costs.

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So you can purchase synthroid from Costco in bulk. If you get a script for 100, it was actually cheaper to buy it that way outright than pay copays on my old insurance. But, yeah your body gets used to whatever you were taking. Any change requires adjustment. We all deal with tired issues on a regular basis, why invite more? Go back to the synthroid. Get your doctor to check "no generics" and your insurance can't switch you. They have to follow what is prescribed.

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Thanks all for the advice. Went back to Synthroid and feel much better now. This must have been side effects from the change. Will always check to make sure meds. are not changed to cheaper version, think thats what pharmacy did without me aware.

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Eltroxin is actually the other brand name (vs Synthroid) in Canada, and is not a generic. I was on it for years and one of my docs accidentally wrote the next script for Synthroid and I made the change without incident. So likely I am fine on either brand but not everyone is. My pharmacist mentioned that some people feel like crap when switched to Synthroid from Eltroxin - we are all different. I'm not at all sure that there are any generic levothyroxine types in Canada, but stick to whichever brand works best!

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This morning I realized that I am taking BOTH Eltroxin and Synthroid. The doc increased my dosage and in order to make it, I have to take two pills. The largest dose is the Eltroxin, but I have been taking Synthroid for over a year. I have been so emotional and tired lately, wonder if this is why? I want to call the pharmacist, but I like to have my research done first so I can argue better!

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