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I just had my RAI about two weeks ago. For the last week I have been congested and have had a persistent cough. Now I have lost my voice and it sound like laryngitis. Has anyone had the same symptoms after RAI?

Thank you

PS the topic doesn't fit but they did not give me any choice.

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Hi tryingtogetbetter, definitely, voice problems, hoarseness, weakness, etc., are common when hypothyroid and when the radioiodine is working in the neck area. Also, in cold and flu season, especially when one is worn down by treatment, the symptoms you mention all get more likely. Everyone's experience is different; I've had varying hoarseness and lack of pitch range since surgery three months ago, and definitely during the several weeks post-RAI, getting better and better now over a month post-RAI. Singing out strongly seems to help me loosen up my voice and make it feel better these days. All the best to you!

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I just had my RAI last week on 11/6/13. I am also experiencing a cough...kind of a dry tickle cough. I know it must be from the radiation because my remnant is on the right side..and that is where i can feel the tickle cough. I did not lose my voice..but since surgery 9/16/13 it has felt very strained..and no singing for me.

So, no medical explanation, but you are definitely not alone!!

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Thank you so much - this helps me to know I will get better
I really appreciate it!
Best to you

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Thank you so much
This helps me feel better
Best to you!

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I had my RAI at the end of October and definitely felt run down for weeks. I'm just now starting to feel more myself. I still have more hoarseness than before, but it is getting better each day. :)

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Thanks for replying- I have had a horrible cough now for over a week and loss of voice- it's so frustrating but I am relieved to hear that others have had the same problem but am hopeful now- thank you everyone

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