Surgery Coming, Starting to Worry

Hi all,

So my surgery is in about 24 hours (Tues. Morning) and I am at the really stressed out point. I haven't been at all stressed out up until now but it's all hitting me (2 biopsies, an MRI, catscan and many doctors visits later). I'm also worried because of pain I have been feeling.

Did anyone get pain in their neck (I have a fairly large tumor in my lymphnodes) before? I've been told pain from this is rare but even before I was diagnosed I was getting pain in my neck, specifically there and in my thyroid. That's one of the main reasons I went to see my endo again. And poof, cancer. But my surgeon keeps dismissing it.

The reason it's stressing me out is I have been getting very similar pains in my upper chest. It's probably nothing - just me over thinking things - but I won't know until I get the full body scan in 2-3 months. So - STRESS.

All before my TT, left neck dissection and possible right neck dissection (to be decided tomorrow).

What did others do to de-stress before surgery? And should I be worried about this pain? I plan to talk to my endo as he knows me better. But is it worth bringing up before surgery?

Thanks everyone. You are all such a great support system.


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I downloaded a relaxation tape that had both a deep breathing exercise and a guided imagery relaxation exercise for both before surgery and following surgery. I listened to it in the hospital post op, and in my hospital room. I had just read an article about how these type of exercises helps with wound healing, so I thought I would try it out! It helped a lot with the stress, and I used it in both surgeries (had a partial removal, then they found cancer so had to go back and have the other half removed). I would talk to your endo about the pain, you'll feel better if you voice your fears, and he knows you best so will be able to give you the most reassurance.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes! I'll be thinking about you Tuesday morning!


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Yes, I have had pain associated with my cancerous nodule. In fact, when I was initially being tested and all the docs were saying "oh only 5% are are young and healthy, I am sure it is nothing", they (ok well one really horrible endo who is no longer my endo :) were also telling me that they didn't think my pain was in any way related to my cancer..really??? As soon as they would push and prod my thyroid area, I would have pain for WEEKS. I gave birth to 3 kids without drugs..I am not one to complain about pain. I would immediate start coughing uncontrollably and would continue to have coughing spells for days after they irritated it. I had chronic ear pain and neck pain (mostly in the back of my neck) that would radiate up through the back of my head. Occasionally, the pain would continue down my neck and toward my shoulders. I did notice some improvement in the pain after taking some hot baths. I think the hot water relaxed my tense muscles and helped quite a bit. Since you are so close to your surgery, you can't really take any meds. Try taking a hot bath where your neck is submerged..up to almost your ears. Good luck with your surgery. I hope everything goes well.

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I had pain too. It was gone after my TT! The back of my neck hurt too. Good luck tomorrow. Take some time to be quiet and allow yourself to think about everything. It's a big deal and a lot to deal with emotionally. Physically, the surgery wasn't bad at all for me.

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I had aTT on Feb. 15 and quite frankly, it was not bad at all. I would suggest you start drinking water as soon as possible, and keep swallowing. I think that really helped me feel better faster. I wish you the best and let us all know how you are feeling.

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