Shoulder and neck pain

I am four weeks post TT and continue to have very strong back of neck and shoulder tension that is muscular. I also have the deep pain in my right shoulder blade. It's driving me nuts. Does anyone else have this? I've complained of this before but it's become even more intense. My husband will rub everything for literally an hour- it feels great but nothing loosens up.
I though it may go away after surgery, it's disappointing.

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I assume you had the parathyroid and calcium checked? Not my area at all as no experience, but one thing to have looked at. Next would be adding several weeks of Aleve or Naproxen, ask your doctor if you can try an anti-inflammatory dose (roughly twice the regular dose listed on label). Also hit the primary care for vit D, B-12, iron, magnesium and potassium all checked. Try the transdermal magnesium sold in vitamin stores, four squirts and rub it in helps a lot with aches and pains after a few days doing it.

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You could have irritation to the shoulder muscle nerves from neck dissection. This can result in focal tension and pain which can rotate vertebra out of alignment causing further impingement. If your neck is healed enough, consider a chiropractor. I always dose with Ibuprofen pre and post chiropractic visits to have more lasting comfort.

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Mine hurt for a while after surgery because of how they had me positioned. I kept having shooting pains and forgive me if i sound a bit dramatic, but i honestly thought it might be heart related. SOOOO to rule out the obvious I assume you have called your GP and had a EKG done. That is always first thing for arm pain after a traumatic event. Remember stress brings on a lot of things.

When that was ruled out i had to wait it out and really be gentle on that side. I was told to use 3 advils. EAT first!!!

Good luck!

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I really had a lot of shoulder and neck pain, and eventually bad headaches, too. I found a wonderful solution - several professional massages. It took about three 1-hour long, serious sessions, focusing on my back, to get better. Had her stay far away from my surgical area. And it was WONDERFUL. I hadn't done that for myself before, not a spa-going type, but I did it for my health. It really, really helped. Wish I could do it once a week!

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All I remember after my TT is the swollen neck area and throat pain, also the symptoms of low calcium which I took calcium and vitamin D for a while until it was normal again. I can though vouch for the magnesium spray, that stuff really works well. Best of luck.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll have to look into the magnesium and massages. I cannot take any NSAIDs and am already supplementing calcium, iron, B and D, so should be good there. Had no issues with calcium levels. I have the headaches too but that may be unrelated as I'm also investigating the possibility of sjogrens. I had no swelling after surgery and no neck dissection.

I just had labs this morning so I'll have to look them over too and see if anything seems out of whack and ask to have additional labs in a month because I'm sure this time around not everything was on that order.

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The sounds very similar to what my daughter has been going through, but she has some nerve damage in her neck because of the surgery. The surgeon took out lymph nodes up by her jaw. It has been causing a lot pain for her. She is going to get some physical therapy and she has been going to a chiropractor.

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ugh! I already have neck, shoulder, arm and back pain, cannot imagine if it may be worse after thyroid surgery! Weeping

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Are you going to physical therapy? PT has helped with my neck and sholder stiffness, although there is still a constant pain.

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Hi Gregg,
I'm glad to know you are having good results from physical therapy. Since you are in recovery from surgery, the healing together with physical therapy seems like a very solid solution.

I spent quite a bit of time in physical therapy, I like it because I can build muscles without creating pain. When I try to do those same exercises at home I am much less successful.

Mine appears to be an overstretched ligament or muscle in my scapula area that causes the pain to radiate. After so much physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and Western medicine approaches it seems as though the constancy of pain has reduced, But the re-use pain returns every time. I can only hope it fades with time now. I am out of money for more PT.

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