Should I freeze my eggs?

I have RAI next week. My mom freaked me out about possibly becoming infertile. I am engaged now and getting married in August. I would be absolutely heartbroken if I couldn't get pregnant. I've heard many stories of people getting pregnant after RAI - sometimes accidentally! - but I just really want to make sure! Should I freeze some eggs just in case? I don't even think I have time now before my RAI next Wednesday. I'm just having a slight panic about this and need to make sure I'm doing the right thing. Thanks!

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i don't believe there is any indication to freeze your eggs. i believe they recommend delaying pregnancy for some time after rai but never that freezing eggs is necessary.

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Nope. It is not at all necessary - RAI is targeted very specifically to thyroid cells, and it does not affect other cells in the body like more traditional chemotherapy drugs might.
If there is no hurry, most docs will want you to have a clean followup scan a year after your RAI before getting pregnant, but if you're wedding isn't until August and you're planning to wait until after that, it sounds like you aren't in too much of a rush anyway. (My thyca was found at a preconception appointment, so I was much more anxious about getting pregnant asap). The most important thing is to have your medication at the right dose before getting pregnant, and have frequent bloodwork done during pregnancy so your dose can be adjusted if needed.

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