Salivary gland help after RAI-pilocarpine 5 mg

I called my nuclear doctor this morning and I am getting a script for a generic of Salagen called Pilocarpine which increases salivary gland secretion to lower the issues of salivary gland side effects. I wanted to pass this on for those getting ready for RAI like me next week. oh wow getting closer.
Anyway the generic is a lot cheaper than the brand. Ask your doctors about it, Google it and see if it interests you. Anything I get to help me I want to pass on to you. Also ask about the lithium. I am taking that for 5 days. 15 pills and 9 pills of the pilocarpine. Not sure how I am supposed to take that. Apparently common because my pharmacy has a lot and it does not have to be ordered.

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Why in particular are you going to take this? Do you have Sjogren's? How high a dose of the iodine?
I have Sjogren's and had a dose of 50 for my iodine treatment. I was told to NOT suck on anything for eight hours and then to suck sour candies. I was also offered the Salagen, however, elected to go with the candy route instead. Everyone's mouth winds up a bit drier after the treatment, but for us with Sjogren's, it can be worse. I did as told plus I was nauseous which kept my mouth watering (something good from something bad). While my mouth is drier since the treatment, there have been no other ill effects with my salivary glands. My sense of taste was altered for some time though I don't think that's attributed to the salivary glands. It took some time, however, all my taste has gone back to normal.
Good luck!

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Dr is giving it and he is experienced nuclear doctor and I trust him. Will be taking 9 not sure how or when, and the lithium for 5 days. Looking forward to that one. Helps to keep the iodine in longer he says.
if it helps me sleep that would be the best. The dose of prilocarbine is 5mg and to wait 8 hours to suck on lemom drops. 75 something of the iodine not sure if that will change after tracer iodine and wbs.
So I guess it it just a small way of helping. I will do what he says. thanks for input.

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Be sure to look into the side effects of Salagen. I do hope it is helpful for you.

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ok will do

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What is the lithium for?

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lithium is supposed to keep the iodine at the cells longer and reduce the amount of dose I get
If anything it will relax me

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