Renal Cell Carcinoma and Papillary Thyroid Cancer

Hi, my husband was diagnosed at the end of May with renal cell carcinoma - kidney cancer. When they did his chest x-ray and CT scan they saw something on his thyroid, but the doctor was pretty confident it would be a cyst. After having his kidney tumor removed on May 30, and a couple of weeks recovery after the surgery, he went for his ENT appointment, the biopsy with ultrasound. Turned out that he also has papillary thyroid cancer. Found out Thursday, had his thyroid out the following Tuesday (July 3rd). As this all happened in such a whirlwind, one thing after another, we had no idea about LID or RAI until the evening of 3rd July, when the endocrinologist visited. He has taken it all in his stride; I think I have not dealt with all of this very well.

Anyway, August 6 is RAI day, and as we have 2 children - a 3-yr old and a 6-yr old - he has requested to stay in isolation in the hospital for a minimum of 4 days. At the end of the month, we will be flying to Houston, to see the doctors at MD Anderson and try to get some answers why this is happening to him.

I guess I don't have any questions right now - just wanted to share our story, to unload a little...

Thanks for reading...

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Wow!! That is a lot to handle in a very short time! Glad you found the board and posted. Everyone here is great. So many are a wealth of information! Most importantly, it's just a great place to vent. So sorry you have a reason to be here but glad you found us!! Prayers to your family:)


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Tomorrow is pre-op day for J. I think I am more nervous than he is about all of this. He had his TT on 3 July and has not been on any medication since then. He started his LID at the hospital and RAI is scheduled for Monday. Seems like a long time to be without a thyroid to me. glad that there is an end to the LID, and wish we had found the list of "approved" brands earlier on in this journey. In fact come to think of it, other than"you have to follow a low iodine diet" , the information coming from the doctor has been pretty non-existent. Perhaps he thought we didn't have enough to worry about already...

We have a 6-yr old and a 3-yr old and J. asked the doctor when it would be safe to be around them again. Didn't really get a conclusive answer, although when he asked the doctor what he would do, he said he would not be around his kids for at least a why send him home after 2 days??? Anyway, in the big picture this is all small stuff, but it sure has me stressed out today. I will be glad to get to MD Amderson at the end of. August to get answers to a lot of our questions...questions we did not think we would have to ask in our thirties...

Sorry for the rant, just not having a good day...

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I'm so sorry that you're having to go through this terribly difficult situation. It's tough for any one to endure, but having such a young family only makes it that much harder. I'm very glad to see that he is going to M.D. Anderson which I consider the absolute best cancer treatment center in the world (I'm originally from Houston so am quite familiar with its awesome reputation). So their expertise along with the Good Lord's healing will mean that he's in the best of hands. Your family will be in my prayers. God bless you. Sandy

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OK, time for an update. Hubby went in for his RAI on 6 August, and spent Monday-Friday in hospital-isolation. He has been sleeping in the spare bedroom, using his own bathroom etc. since then. Thankfully, we both felt comfortable enough again, for him to cuddle with the children (3 and 6 yrs old). Earlier today he had his WBS, and, as we are going to MD Anderson on Thursday, the nuclear meds department gave him a disk of the images to take. Of course, curiosity got the better of him, and rather than waiting until the morning, when he has an appointment with his endocrinologist, he had a quick look at the images... A we expected, the thyroid was very visible - a beautiful white butterfly...but, one of his lungs is also showing up all white on the scan. Does this mean the PTC has spread to his lungs? It is the only other area that lights up...

What are the chances that a healthy 38 year old would have 2 different types of cancer ( renal cell and papillary thyroid carcinoma) and then for the PTC to metastasize to the lungs? Right now, I am so very very afraid of what this all means. I guess it is a good thing we are going to MDA on Thursday (our wedding anniversary) to get some answers to all these questions.

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lht: I can't even imagine the terror you and your hubby must feel right now. But honestly, us novices trying to read complicated images usually leads us to make the wrong conclusions (that's why they pay radiologists those big bucks). So hopefully you some how can postpone worrying until you actually get a professional reading and determine if there's really a reason for concern. But, of course, that's easier said than done I'm sure - especially when you have been hit with so many unpleasant surprises. At least it's very comforting to know that you all are going to the best of the best... M.D. Anderson. Please keep us posted.

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Here is a link for you. It is possible that thyroid cancer is your husbands first cancer and the renal is the second. I say this because they say that it takes 20 to 30 years for thyroid cancer to develop.

I sure wish him well... and that he can get some answers at MDA. There are several people on here that go there for treatment.



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I went to MD Anderson as well...Great choice. While there I met another woman who had both thyroid (first cancer diagnosed at age 25) and then a recurrance of thyroid cancer and then while doing a scan for the thyroid cancer they found her kidney cancer. I have read that people who have thyroid cancer have a higher risk of kidney and breast cancer. Prayers for your husband. Hopefully it has not spread to his lungs...but remember even if it is in his lungs it is still thyroid cancer (not lung cancer) and usually has a good prognosis.

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Any possibility that the renal cancer was actually PTC metastasized to the kidney. I have following my metastasis and it has ended up in the liver and chest but the last biopsy of a chest tumor verified that it was hurthle cell thyca. When the removed the kidney there would have been a biopsy. Best wishes.

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I forgot to mention that the link above claims we have a 30% chance for developing a second primary cancer... not metastatic thyroid cancer but a whole new one.

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