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TT 11/14/12 and started 137mcg Synthroid on 12/15. Went to the endo this Tuesday and he called today to tell me that he's going to keep me on the same dose because my T4 was kinda high.

I know it's just going on 3 months but I'm wondering if it takes a while to have regular cycles again. I haven't had a regular period yet. It's frustrating because my husband and I are anxious to try for baby #2. My endo gave us the OK try start trying but shouldn't my periods be regular if my body is ready to get pregnant again?

Just a lot of thoughts going through my head...

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Well, do you still have a thyroid, or has it been removed due to cancer or another condition? If you're TSH levels are too low, this can affect your period and cause you not to have one, not to ovulate regularly or at all, etc. There are many times when T4 may be high, but TSH is normal or low. In some caess this indicates a conversion issue rather than not having sufficient dosages of Levothyroxine, so other medications may be explored to assist with the T4 issue. Anyway, overall the biggest factor I would look at is what is your TSH level? If this is very low (indicating hyperthyroid ranges and possible symptoms) this may interfere with your menstrual cycles and you may need to have a discussion with your Doctor about other options. Good luck to you!

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