RAI dose today 150 mci

I had my dose done today, 150 mci, is this considered a large dose? My doctor said that I need to drink 8 oz of water every hour for the next 48 hours, does that mean I don't sleep?

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Hi threesenof,

I will be getting 125 myself. I know most people are between 100 and 200mci. I think that you just have to drink while you are awake but if you wake in the night try to drink. I'm sure if you drink a lot in the day you will wake up to void anyway. I know after 24 hours it is good to eat sour candies a lot to get your salvary glands working so they don't clog up. I was told to eat sour candies for 2 weeks after rai.

Goodl luck on your isolation and getting through this time. My rai is March 28th and I am on the beautiful Lid diet right now too.


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I do have a huge supply of candys to start in 24 hours. I am looking forward to real food on Friday. Though LID wasn't that bad.

Good luck on yours.

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I really don't know about what's large but I had 175 mci which seems like a lot considering the cancer was contained in the thyroid and nothing in the nodes. As for the water, I think he means while you are awake.

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Well, I had the same...came to 153.3 actually. I was told to drink about 8 oz every 2 hours or so. and once if I did wake up at night. My biggest surprise came from the Doctor who told me not to mess with any candy! He said that I should get fresh lemons and cut them into 6 wedges. I should bite on a wedge every hour. I could use Lime, but Lemon was better. He said to do this for 3 days. I was surprised that it was not that bad a taste and when I noticed the large amount of saliva that resulted, I knew he was right!

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also alot of water and alot of urination is needed so the radiation does not sit in your bladder. i did not drink thru the nite, but i did have to get up a couple times to go!! because i drank so much before bedtime..Good Luck and good health..

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I am getting 75 mci, but a friend of mine had 150 mci..She mentioned to me that she was nauseous on the first day(and threw up), but was fine after that. I am sure you will be fine too..Good luck!

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I had my dr. get me some anti nausea meds. I could take them every 6 hours for up to 3 days. After the first day I felt a bit "strange" and figured that I may as well take a pill. I believe I took one every 6 hours and used about 3 or 4 of them. I never did get sick and was glad I had them...but get them BEFORE RAI so you will have them.

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I've had three doses, 100, 135, and 155. My endo is pushing for a final one of about 175. I'm 14 years out and had mets to superior mediastinum lymph nodes at year 7. So, no, 150 doesn't sound too large to me, especially if you had a large mass, aggressive cancer, or lymph node involvement.

I'm hesitant because I want too find my recurrence site and see if surgery or alcohol ablation is a better fit for me at this time. Want to keep last big dose for later in case I need it more then.

I had almost no side effects from the 155. Maybe a little tired, so I went to sleep. Felt more nauseous from the large amounts of water than from the RAI. All 3 of my RAI were done as in-patient, and, ironically, I went home the quickest after my largest dose.

Just rest, drink the water, have some candies, and stay positive. You'll do wonderfully!

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