RAI and now a cold???

I had RAI on Monday and spent Monday - Saturday quarantined in my basement. Most of the time I felt nasal congestion and figured that's a common side effect. But yesterday and today I'm fighting some nasty cold-like symptoms, and I'm not sure how I could have been exposed if I was by myself all that time. Did anyone else experience cold-like symptoms after RAI (particularly when it was days after)? Thanks.

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I am scheduled to receive my RAI this Wednesday, so I can't say I'm in your boat yet... but I met with the nuclear medicine doctor last week, and he said that the body's immune system tends to weaken in the two weeks post receiving RAI, so it is likely to that you'll experience come cold or flu like symptoms. So, I'd say this is normal. Hope you feel better soon and are on your way to recovery :)

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I had RAI this past Thursday and have had "gook" in my throat. Most have my symptoms have been some nausea related but I have had a few cold like symptoms and wondered the same thing. I have been in isolation, too, but also figure I got a ton of germs going in and around the hospital twice last week.

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Ever since my RAI I have been prone to sinus infections. A visit to my GP, confirmation of, and prescription for antibiotics takes care of it every time.

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I too emerged from basement isoation with upper respiratory symptoms. I assumed I was exposed prior to RAI. The radiation also causes dry nose and mouth which aggravates symptoms of a cold. I suspect I had a mild cold but felt worse because of the dryness and congestion.

Use lots of dry nose and mouth treatments - biotene products, saline spray, lemon drops and slices, nasal flushes/neti pot, Ayr nasal gel, etc.

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Thanks everyone. The past two days I felt worse than any time during quarantine - chest congestion, exhausted, etc. It's getting old. I was expecting an upswing from all this nonsense by now.

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