Radiation induced Cataract

I am curious if anyone may have been diagnosed with early onset of cataracts in the years following rai? If you have noticed deterioration of your eyesight after rai, let's discuss.

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I cannot say but a friend of mine 56 years old has cataract and she never had Rai.

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It seemed to me that my cataracts accelerated after RAI. I didbhave them removed. I don't see that ophthalmologist anymore, but based on my perception that there is limited knowledge, whether studied or shared, about the side effects of RAI, I probably couldn't get any sort of response from that ophthalmologist, anyway.

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I had TT and rai in March 2012. I did not have cataracts one year ago but in the past few months I am having many vision troubles. My eye exam this week confirmed cataracts in both eyes. I am in my mid 50's. Big shock. Doc said they grew really fast. One eye is much worse than the other. Floaters and flashes have started suddenly too. Surgery is in my near future. I did not expect this to happen until much later in life and I was told it could be from the RAI, but I wonder if this has happened to other Thyca friends.

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Cataract is a fact of life. My eye surgeon told me that most people over the age of 35 have detectable cataract! That cheered me up.

Radiation induced cataract is rarely fast - many years is typical, but sunlight is the type of radiation best known to cause cataract.

Look at the Wikipedia article on:


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Baldilocks, thanks for the cheer up and the Wikipedia article.

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I had cataracts before RAI and I don't think I had an issue with the radiation doing anything to them.

Be Strong and Stay Positive!

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Good post by Baldilocks.

Usually it is repeated exposures to something rather than perhaps a one time exposure, though any one time exposure could be high. So sun exposure might be a repeated thing that in some people works against them, perhaps combined with other factors.

There are not many cataract researchers in USA since cataract is not a high funded thing, and it is another field where they think things solved but they really aren't totally understood. I worked with a cataract researcher for many years though. Usually anything like radiation would cause what they refer to as posterior subcapsular cataracts (PSC) if I recall. These are more troublesome in many ways than the standard nuclear type cataract because of the location near the vitreous. Usually the capsule is left in place for the IOL to hold, but with PSC they may have to leave part of the cataract and Yag laser it. So if you got a cataract ask if it is PSC, then there is a higher probability of an association with radiation than other cataract types.

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Thanks for the encouragement. Another bump in the road, but the road leads to many good things too like family, friends, and travel adventures. God bess you all for sharing your wisdom and experience.

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I was told I had cataracts at age 50. The doc said he would wait until they interfered with my vision. Four years later, I had the surgeries with four weeks in between the two. My thyca wasn't diagnosed until 64, and I had no RAI. I don't think there's a connection.

As an aside, cataract surgery is easy and the end results are awesome! From the age of ten or so, I couldn't get out of bed without my glasses - I was terribly nearsighted. After the surgery, I wear glasses for distance activity - this is only because of my astigmatism. My dad wore glasses from 14 to 75. Once he had the surgery, he no longer wore them. It can be life-changing!

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The only thing that happen to my eyes I wore glasses and had a small carrack to start with. I did have two blood vessel pop in the back of my right eye retina it still gives me problems. It was my good eye an now I have two spots in it. Hay will always be there. I had my eyes check before I had the sugary and new glasses then after the radation is when I knotice these blures in my eye so my mother was having casterack sugury and we had the same eye dr. I ask him to look in my eye he told me what I was seeing. He set me an appointment up with a nother dr that did that lazer sugary. He came to his office and did it. So far so good. I still have cataracts but my hole family has had them and the sugary. I notice most brown or blue eyed people do.

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I don't mind the cataract surgery, but I do mind the blurry, double vision, floaters, and bad glare while driving at night. I would have the surgery now but I am about to leave on a 3 month international trip! I guess that is what has gotten my goat. It is amazing to me how we don't notice incremental vision changes until they have a dramatic effect, and then suddenly - wow. I guess the bright sun in my home town has had an effect on my green eyes all these years. I am hoping my new glasses will bridge me until I return to the US in the Spring. Better pack some good sun glasses!

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