Post TT Lab Results TG T4 -Some help please

Hello friends,

I received my post TT blood lab results: These are the results 3 weeks after TT and Right neck dissection. I am waiting for thyrogen injections and RAI to be scheduled. Do this results look normal? Also I made a mistake by not waiting 6 weeks as the endo instructed. I got confused and got the labs done in 3 weeks post TT instead.

I'm currently on 150 Levothyroxen

Thyroglobulin 2
TGAB <20
T4 Free 1.7
TSH with reflex to free T4 10.70

Does any of this tell me anything now? Or is this more a baseline for the future? Thanks for any support.

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It looks good to me for 3 weeks post-TT. Your TSH is high, but it is slower to read. It takes 6-8 weeks after any dosing change before it levels out. It will need to be higher for RAI anyway, and Thyrogen will get you where you need to be. Your free T4 is very high (the top of the range) and I would need to have a small dose decrease. I just do not feel well when my T4 is above 1.4. But it is early in your treatment and this all takes time. Right now I hope you are feeling pretty well and that your RAI will go really well for you. And yes, some of this is good for a baseline measurement for the future. Your Tg is nice and low for now, and after RAi your goal will be for it to become undetectable over the next 6 months or so.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I Admit I do feel pretty tired today. I guess I can contribute that to my dosage perhaps. Ill have to hang in there I suppose till I have my RAI. God bless and thanks.

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Endo just renewed my levothyroxin 150. He said to take an extra pill each week. Still waiting on Thyrogen, spoke to pharmacy should be shipping out soon. 25.00 co pay which isn't bad from what I heard. So I'm hoping I can be done with this before thanksgiving.

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