pineal gland/melatonin in relation to cancer

I've been researching, as usual. I've read a study that concludes that stress can affect people two ways: it can cause the pineal gland to produce more melatonin from serotonin and cause depression, or stress can force the melatonin to be converted into serotonin. People whose bodies handle stress in this way will have less melatonin in their blood and are more likely to develop cancer.
Hmm. Something to think about. The pineal gland makes melatonin. Melatonin has been shown to help reduce tumors in some cases. But, the pineal gland calcifies with age. Fluoride quickens this process. Sodium fluoride is especially harmful and in most drinking water. Calcium fluoride is natural and not as harmful, but the sodium fluoride is industrial and may well be hurting us more than imagined.
I'm still processing this information, but I thought it was interesting and worth discussing.

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hi.thank you for your information and time.I will ask my doctor about testing these levels.hope you have a good night. r

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:-) No problem. Thought it was interesting.

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That's really interesting.
I actually found out about my thyroid nodule at a doctor's appointment trying to find out more about a newly discovered pineal gland tumor. I found out about the pineal gland tumor back in February and I haven't learned much new about it since then. It's one of those "mystery glands" that the doctors don't know too much about.

I've been struggling with depression, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping for years and when I found out about the pineal tumor I thought that I found the source of the problems. When I brought it up with my brain surgeon he told me that they weren't related and that it was my thyroid that was causing all the problems. I asked my endo about it and she said that my thyroid levels weren't out of range enough for them to be causing the depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness and that it was probably the fault of the pineal tumor.

I know that where I grew up our water was fluoridated and I've seen some research articles relating that to pineal tumors.

I'm waiting on results from a CT scan of my brain last Thursday to see if there is any calcification.

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Wow! That's a lot to swallow. Please keep me posted as I will be keeping you in my prayers. :-)
Same goes for you, shore 1.

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