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How long does it take to get a pathology report? I was told 2-4 weeks. I should add, Im in London Ontario Canada and everything seema to take forever here. Its so frustrating! Will she wait for my follow up to tell me, or will she call if it comes in before that? I'm just a week post partial and getting super anxious about the results.
I hope your all well!

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I know when my daughter had her partial, I think she went back to get her stiches out and the pathology was there. This was 2 years ago I think it was a week after surgery. She didn't go back to school until after seeing the dr. This was at sick kids and they have their own pathology floor. I know they tested the lymph nodes during surgery. I'm from Niagara but I don't know how fast pathology takes here.

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Hi! I'm from Burlington but had my PT done at St. joseph's Hospital in Hamilton, in August! My pathology report wasn't back till The first week of September!? I too was anxious but stayed busy to try not stressing...ha, ha!! I stressed!!

Southern Ontario seems to have a horrible wait time!!!

Breathe and try not to stress!!! I know it's tough:(

Thinking of you and sending positive energy:)
Susanne (toddsgal)

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I am sure you are anxious to get that pathology report. I wonder if they may have it by the time you go in for first post op appointment? Not sure how they do thongs in Canada, but i wonder if you could call surgeon's office to get pathology report that way. How long was your surgery? I understand the nodule was 6 cm; I hope there was not involvement with other structures in the neck.

My dx indicated Hurthle cell ca in right lobe nodule & Hurthle cell change occuring in left lobe nodule. They were each just under 2.5 cm. Soooo glad they are out!

Keep us posted as to how your recovery is going & of course, let us know final dx! Will be hoping for a benign report.

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I got mine 2 weeks after my TT, just in time for the post-op visit with my ENT. That was in Quebec City, Canada.


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Going on 5 weeks and still no pathology report. My surgeons office has cancelled two follow up appointments because they dont have it back yet. I am begining to think it has been lost. I say that because a few years ago, I had a spinal tap and my sample was lost! Two months later they had a spokes person from the hospital call to explain and smooth it over. One of the most painful proceedures I've ever had....twice because of their error. Grrr. Good old Canadian health care. Its free but my gawd, the waiting is insane!

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I am so sorry that you've had to wait so long! Five weeks seems to have been more than enough time your results. Will your surgeon's office directly check with lab doing report so you can find out what is going on with the delay AND your results? Obviously there are many factors riding on this & time IS important. You need to be able to make decisions about followup tx, etc as well as follow any bloodwork cancer markers. I know healthcare is different in Canada but you still must be an assertive knowledgable consumer. I would continue to be diligent about calling them; sometimes the squeaky wheel does gets heard!

I wish you the best & do hope you are healing quickly from this surgery. Have youbeen on any replacement thyroid med since surgery. i know you had a partial so maybe you are still producing enough naturally so maybe is not necessary to take anymore at this time. Let us know outcome & success with getting necessary reports!

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