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Apparently the lump under my left ear is my parotid gland. The doctor felt it and said, he did not feel and tumor and believes my parotid gland is swollen. I don't know how he could tell the difference. It is hard and round. But, I guess he is the expert. He did order a CT scan to make sure. Anybody experience painless swelling of this gland? I do have chronic dry mouth (ever since RAI in march last year). If this has happened to you, what did they do? Praying the doctor is right!

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My parotids flared up around 10 months after my RAI. I had a hard time, because we were not proactive enough. The left side was very painful for a long time.

I would work on using heat and massage, both of which helped me, plus Biotene mouthwash/rinse/spray. Also, suck on any kind of hard candy or chew some gum - anything to help stimulate salivation. But the heat and massage come first.

Rice sock to be heated gently in microwave in increments until warm enough to apply to face:
Massage technique:

If it lasts more than a month, consult an ENT who is familiar with RAI and parotid issues (ask your endo for a referral). I had antibiotics at month #3 which finally helped mine to clear up.

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Mine flare up on and off. My dr. said he could not feel the lump either but I can. He said it was probably the parotid gland and said it was from the RAI. He's my internist and knows almost as much as the endo and never gives me the run-around when I have weird symptoms since RAI. When I first started having trouble with the saliva glands swelling and the tear duct plugged, he told his nurse "that RAI is some wicked stuff" So there to all the doctors etc who say RAI doesn't cause these side effects. Keep applying heat, massaging until you taste the salty substance that comes out and then massage a little longer to make sure you clear it out. Mine is a lot better so have hope it will eventually not be an issue.

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If you feel just where the lower jaw hinges (for want of a better word) to the upper jaw, this is where the parotid lives. It swells for a whole range of reasons, when it does the pain can be quite extreme. Sometimes it swells painlessly.

Mine swelled up shortly after RAI. It has never gone down. It is a hard round lump. Benign.

An ultrasound can check yours out without giving you another dose of damaging radiation. Parotid tumours happen but they are still thankfully rare. If you are concerned, see your doc for an ultrasound.

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The parotids are pretty large.

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Ugh...we should call thyca the gift that keeps on giving! My right parotid is acting up and I hope all the suggestions help. Thanks!

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Thanks for all your responses! I am more hopeful this is just a RAI side effect and not more cancer. I just LOVE when doctors don't acknowledge all of this. I end up feeling like I am crazy! But, Thanks to all of you, I realize how I am not alone and these are very real side effects! Just LOVE this group!!!

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