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I am receiving my dose of rai on Oct 8th. I had it all set that I was going to stay at a friend's parents condo. They only use it some of the time.I have a 2 year old boy and a five year old girl so I cannot stay home. Well, I got a message saying that my friend's parents no longer feel comfortable staying there. They are worried that I may contaminate the whole building. I am crushed. We do not have any family here so I was relieved when this option presented itself. I am angry that I have/had cancer. I am angry that I was told 2 1/2 weeks before my treatment instead of a month ago. I feel so alone.
Thank for taking the time to read my pity party!

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Think it through and don't worry too much. Do you live in a house? If so, can your children stay with relatives? I sent my wife and our little one to stay with our daughter in the Bay Area. It gave me some freedom to move around instead of staying in one room. You will need to be away from your children for as long as you can. I had my 75 mCi dose this past Wednesday and I still am reading 400 microsieverts where my thyroid was. If you have any mouth appliances, those too will be contaminated. My mouth guard is still 50 microsieverts even after being out all day. My point is that things stay contaminated for a while and you don't want young ones around. I told my story of what happened to me any my brothers and sister when I was two. We were exposed back in 1960 when my father was treated for a hyperthyroid, and there was no guidance for going home. I have had the nodules on my thyroid for over a decade and a half and was just diagnosed with papillary cancer. Don't take a chance, work it out. Good luck and don't worry too much.

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Let your doctor know and ask if he can get you hospitalized for the time you will be most radioactive. He would deem it a medical necessity for your insurance. Not all hospitals are equipped for it, but it is worth asking. If not, staying at home in a limited area and sending the family away to a hotel is a good idea. Just please do not consider a hotel as an option for yourself. Families could innocently be staying in the rooms next to you, above and below, too, and the maid could be exposed.

Call the Nuclear Medicine department and ask for an extra consultation ahead of time to help you prepare. I'm so sorry you were turned away at a late date.

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I came home after my RAI, 150 mci
I was able to do so because the master bedroom has its own bathroom.
My spouse, granddaughter, daughter and sil all lived with me at the time and it was rough on granddaughter, but we got through it. We bought a little cheap set of walkie talkies and made a game out of it for her.
I think it was hardest on my dog and cat who sleep with me every night and had to stay locked out of the room. They would lay at the closed door and whine. No explaining, and no game to be played with them.

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I can sympathize with how you feel. I was given a 150mci dosage and isolated in a hospital room for 3 full days. That happened earlier this year in April 2013. I also had a little boy of 3y.o. who kept calling me on the phone asking me why mummy isn't coming home to sleep with him. However, just look to the positive and think of how you can use that time alone as best as possible. Be thankful you have some control over your place of stay. I had no choice as they warded me in a really old room, with the windows taped shut. Not that it mattered anyway since it was only a 2'x4' window. The mattress was thin and lumpy, the only 2 chairs in my room was damaged and the telly wasn't working. Keep positive and prepare as best as you can before hand. I asked the doctors whether I could bring in my laptop, mobile, dvd's, mags & books - they gave me the go ahead. So I survived. I'll be going in to do my 2nd RAI on 2nd Oct.

So lets stay strong and positive!!

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I agree with Cabro! (not the first time...he's a very smart guy) Insist you need to be admitted. Explain your situation to your dr. ASAP. Call your insurance also if you have to. My hospital that administered my dose was just a local-yokel place and they quizzed me very thoughly and would have admitted me if they felt my home situation wasn't suited for isolation. Be very clear you are concerned and out of options.

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Vbeville... I am in the same place. Wondering where you went and how it turned out. There seems to be no good option and it's maddening....

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It is strange that in America you can go home straight away. In Australia it is the law that you have to be in complete isolation until your radioactivity levels drop below a certain level. I was in complete isolation in hospital for four days after 200 mci

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Check with the social workers at the hospital where you will be treated, or with the nurse practioners in the Nuclear Medicine dept. I was able to stay at facility the hospital runs for mainly the med students to stay, but they had some rooms for rent by patients or families of patients being treated at the hospital. Or call your local Cancer Society. I stayed there for a week. I brought my own linens and threw everything out when I left. Did all my own cooking. Was lonely, yes, but didn't expose my family!

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