NIH : Food Brands using Non-Iodized Salt

link to pdf & excerpts (scroll to page 4): 124.7KB - NIH Clinical Center

This information is based on written inquiry in January 2009. While manufacturing practices may change, we suggest that this information is reliable. Please check the NIH Clinical Center website for the most up­to­date information. We will make every attempt to confirm the use of non­iodized salt by these manufacturers once a year. We can also provide references if you ask for them.

What if the brand of the food I want to eat is not on this list?
This list does not name all food companies or their brands. By including a company on this list, NIH is in no way endorsing them.

The guideline is that foods by large manufacturers/ companies are generally prepared with non­iodized salt. Foods prepared by smaller companies have a greater risk for containing iodized salt and being high in iodine.

Another helpful pdf link (LID food list): 98.1KB - NIH Clinical Center

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I think this is very helpful! Of course, many of the foods on that list are forbidden for other reasons than their iodine content, but knowing that iodized salt isn't a factor is nice. I ate Frito-Lays corn chips with hummus and tortilla chips with salsa when I was on LID the second and third time, and it made it a lot easier on me.

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yes, the NIH also mentions to look at ALL the ingredients, not just salt to verify if it's lid friendly. plus, the list is mostly companies and brands.

it's good to have a base to work from, especially now with the 'low iodine diet' discussion topic. :))

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I just read your post from Feb where you were told by Kraft that they weren't allowed by law to use Iodized salt, and it struck me as kind of silly at the time considering they *are* allowed to use sea salt which contains lots of iodine. Thanks for this info. Only one more week of LID for me, so I think I'll just stick to cooking my own stuff. Seems it takes me so long to drive all over and read so many labels it's almost easier to just make stuff myself.

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I can't wait for LID now! Funyuns and Tang :) Just kidding, thanks for the list. I do plan on trying to use it as a cleansing time- but when I feel like I''m going to lose my mind (day 2, maybe? lol) some potato chips may just help!

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mmmm...chips :))

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So we can assume if we buy a brand on this list, for example muir glen salsa, that if salt is an ingredient it is not iodized? Or would you still contact the company?

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I wouldn't but it's really an individual choice only you can make for yourself. I have seen enough inquiries here and on my own that makes me feel confident most brands do NOT use iodized salt.

Plus, I have seen iodized salt listed as such, so now I feel even more confident:

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HERDEZ® Salsa Chilpotle

Water, tomato, tomato paste, vinegar, iodized salt, onion, Chilpotle peppers, coriander, soybean oil, sugar, garlic powder, xanthan gum, caramel color and spices.

At the same time, it doesn't take much to send off an email inquiry.

So really, it's a personal decision.

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I have sent an email to Trader Joe's to find out if there items that they manufacture that say they contain salt as an ingredient refers to iodized salt, but so far have not gotten a response. Has anyone else asked about trader joes brand products that we know of?

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what brand of hummus do people eat? I just returned from Trader Joe's...everything had sea salt in it.

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When I was on LID, I made my own hummus. There are a ton of recipes out there and it's really easy. The only annoying part is you can't use most canned chickpeas because they have added salt, so you have to use dried chickpeas which require soaking. Here in England I did find some unsalted canned chickpeas and made lovely hummus.

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Trader Joes Mediterranean hummus does not have sea salt. I ate during my LID! It's super yummy!

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