Lymphedema after neck dissection

Hello everyone, I have a question about swelling/burning after neck dissection. I have had a bilateral neck dissection and a resection on the left side. The second surgery was June 24, 2011. I have never had problems before, but two weeks ago I was in a small car accident and I have also started lifting weights. I am having some swelling and burning on my left side it doesn't feel like a mass or a lymph node and I am wondering if it is some kind of inflammed scar tissue of if it's lymphedema. Has anyone had this happen?? I go off my meds tomorrow and I go for my scans on Feb. 23rd, but I am kind of concerned about this. Any advice would be great!

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Hi there. During my final sign off visit with my surgeon after my neck dissections, I told him right away my neck felt swollen/puffy; he examined me and told me I did have some lymphodema. He gave me a script to see a Physical Therapist. However, if you do go to a P.T., make sure if is someone who specializes in Lymphodema message.
I think I ended up going for 5-6 sessions & there was a huge difference in my neck. I was told by the therapist, that even after the 1st message, you will start to see a difference as it will get the fluid moving. Good luck.

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