Lump on collar bone

I had a TT on Dec. 17, 2010. My endo saud no thyroid meds until after the RAI treatment. I had my RAI scan on February 7, 2011, The total body scan was on Feb. 11. It showed uptake in the thyroid bed area, I started Levothyroxine on the 11th of Feb. My recent blood tests still showed that my TSH levels are still high. My endo increased my meds. All other levels were OK. I just started to notice in the past 2 weeks a lump on my collarbone. In fact, I have 2 lumps. There are very hard. One is larger that the other, I read online that you can have lymph nodes on your collar bone. Is this something to worry about? I am scheduled for a ultrasound lymph mapping in August.

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I would go get it checked out. Don't wait till August I am sure it's nothing to worry about but a quick trip to the Dr's to put your mind at ease is always best. Good Luck

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Don't wait to go to your dr. I had a lump under my collar bone and 5 others down my neck and also one on eachside of my voice

box.. I had surgery June 4, 2010 and went back for a check up in Jan. they did a pet scan and I had another one under the

collar bone, so he went in again on Feb17, 2011 they found 5 2 were cancer and 3 ok. I go back on May 22 and yes I am scared.

I hope I don't sound like I am gloomy but I just want you to know Get it Checked...My parys are with everyone...

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Please go get it checked before august. I had a similar problem and was taken right in . All lumps should be checked. I will say a prayer it is nothing . But piece of mind is worth the trip to a Dr. office.

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i had 1 lump on right side of collar bone on 1 lump on the left. They were both positive for cancer. They say it is fairly common for the cancer to spread to level V, (around the collar bone) however, the surgery is more complicated due to the nerves in and around that location (spinal accessory nerve). I had the bilateral neck dissection in October and have still not recovered. Go get it checked and good luck. Do not wait until August

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Thanks for all your comments. I did go to see my endo and he said the lump was arthritis. I hope that is the correct diagnosis. I have an appt this Tuesday with my PCP. I am going to ask her to take a look at it. Thanks again.

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