Low-Iodine Diet friendly Food Brands/Manufacturers

Hey! Got some absolutely great news! This is for anyone who, like myself, is facing thyroid cancer treatment in the form of RAI (radio active iodine; I-131) We are required to be on a low IODINE diet, this means we can still have that salty snack/food if it is made WITHOUT iodized salt, sea salt, or Red Dye #3. Here is a link to an educational government website "Low-Iodine Diet: Preparing to receive radioactive iodine." It is in a printable PDF form. It includes a listing of food and beverage brands that have reported using NON-IODIZED salt in their products production. You may safely consume foods prepared by these manufacturers IF THEY ARE ON THE "ALLOWED" FOOD LIST. http://www.cc.nih.gov/ccc/patient_education/pepubs/lo_io_diet.pdf

I hope this helps people out there. BUT STILL READ YOUR LABLES TO BE SURE!
Good Luck to everyone! :)

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That's funny, I just posted this yesterday!

http://www.inspire.com/groups/thyca-thyroid-cancer-survivors-association/di scussion/nih-food-brands-using-non-iodized-salt/

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Yes so true, read labels. It really hard at first but 2nd week u kind of adjust, plus the upside is u loose alot. of belly fat, probably because of no dairy, or preservatives.

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Thanks for posting, I just printed it out.

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