Losing one's taste buds after RAI treatment

Did this happen to anyone else? I took the RAI more than a week ago and my taste buds started not working yesterday. Its terrible, I can taste almost nothing. I cant imagine living like this, even for a short while. What about dry mouth? Anyone? Or achy joints? These are all things that I have been feeling only about a week after the treatment.

Anyone else?

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These are all very common side effects of I131. Not everyone experiences them but many have gone through some or all of these as well as some that you have not experienced.

Loss of taste: often occurs within days or a week of treatment. Usually returns gradually over a period of weeks, rarely lasting longer than 2 months.

Dry mouth and nose: Biotene products - gum, oral gel, nasal spray; Ayr nasal gel; saline nasal srpay and petroleum jelly; sour candy and sour gum; lots of water for hydration. Stimulating salivation will also help prevent salivary gland pain and obstruction.

Tired and achey: I experienced extreme fatigue for about 4 months. I was affected by the I131 much more than the surgery.

I am sure others will chime in with their experiences and what they did for relief.

Hang in there!

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I, too, lost my ability to taste food. Everything tasted like I was eating coins! However, when your taste does come back, and it will, food will taste amazing. You have that to look forward to during this difficult time.

Take Care!

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took 5 weeks for my taste buds to come around .... few more months of a select few foods had altered taste but all is normal now

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My taste was affected about four days after dose, came back a couple of weeks later :) The nasal sores were the worst, and I didn't know they were a side effect until after the fact. I received my dose in April and my energy is finally coming back, a little at a time. It will get worse, and then it will get better. Just remember that the bad won't last forever. Chin up!

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I had my second dose in March. I have horrible dry mouth. Sometimes, I have to eat with plastic utensils because of a a metallic taste. As far as taste of food, it comes and goes, weird, but it does.

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Suck on lemonheads (sugar free ones ;) )!!! Saved my life with taste buds and getting my salavary glands working again!!! About 6 months after my RAI treatment I had a super salty mouth for some reason, and doc recommended sucking on lemonheads to get my mouth up and working again. Took about a week before everything started tasting normal again.

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Know that this too will pass :) When I had my RAI back in March it took about 6-8 weeks for my tastebuds to "wake up" again :) I lost my sense of taste 1 week after swallowing my RAI. In the last month or so, I have noticed things are extremely salty but I know this too will pass :)

I drank lots of vitamin water during that time, gatorade and tea :) I used hard sour candies both sugar and sugar free and used fresh lemon and limes alternating in my tea and tap water. That seemed to help :)

Lots of Hugs,

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I lost my taste buds immediately after my RAI. They slowly returned after a couple of weeks. I am still unable to raise my voice ie: yelling upstairs to get someone's attention or raising my voice in my classroom. Hang in there.

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I lost my taste buds after RAI and they came back 3-4 weeks later. What was really frustrating for me was I would look at my food and remember how it would taste. When I took a bite I could "taste" the food in my imagination and then that moment would pass and the blandness would set in. I would take another bite hoping I could get that false taste back but it was gone, the rest of my meal was as bland as bland could be. Finally my taste buds came back just in time to enjoy a wonderful dinner at a Brazilian restaurant.

Hang in there. This too shall pass. Your journey is just beginning.

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I had my RAI dose on Friday afternoon. Woke up Saturday morning with swollen glands and a tightness around the throat area. Glands are less swollen today but the tightness is still there. The tightness from the scar has been there to some degree since the surgery, but this different. I noticed today that my taste was impaired. Allowed myself to eat some ice cream after following the LID for the requisite 48 hours. Couldn't really taste the ice cream :(
Big thanks to everyone on here for the advice about the lemon candy etc. and just helping me know what to prepare for.
Interesting that my doctors didn't say anything about losing my voice after surgery (took 7 weeks to come back) or the loss of taste as a side effect of RAI.
Maybe I will eat less now! There has to be an upside to this :)

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i had 150mCi RAI on nov 6. Had no side effects other than sore jaw for 1 day. However, after a week, my tastebuds also seemed to disappear. Everything just tastes so bland. I also just read in one of the other posts about sores in the nose. I have a sore on the inside of my left nostril. I will now have to see if this is a side effect, i never put 2 and 2 together. See, this is why i love this site.

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I dont remmember losing taste..I do believe it was because they told me to suck on sour candy or lollypops during the 3 days of radiation drank lots of fluids and chew gum. This were my orders..so I took them inside with me and that's probably what helped me soo much!
I did suffer of pain in my bones for a long time, due to no medicine given to me right after surgery to prepare me for the radiation. After that I took almost a year to recover because they couldnt find my right dose.

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