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I just posted and forgot to ask if anyone did the LID diet for less than 2 weeks and does it usually depend on if you get the thyrogen shots and do the diet. She will be getting the shots prior to treatment and scan and it seems total she will be on the diet 2 weeks, that is including time for shots, treatment and scan I believe. It just seems not long to be on the diet. Also, does the patient usually get bloodwork done before treatment, scans too.


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I had Thyrogen and did not do the LID diet. I think this diet is on a doctor by doctor basis. My Endo did not believe it would help in preparing for the RAI since the thyrogen was doing all the work without making me and my body suffer. I just had my first scan since RAI and the entire thyroid remnent was ablated so it must have worked without LID.

I did have labs and tests right up to the point of RAI. We become human pin cushions for several months following this diagnosis and treatment. I continue to have regular labs drawn checking my vital levels.

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Milling, I am having RAI on 2/14 and my Endo had me start the LID on Jan. 31. I, too, am having Thyrogen, so I guess it is a doctor to doctor decision. I have had one episode of hypothyroidism since my total thyroidectomy on 11/22/10. My count, despite being on 12mcg of levothyroxine, was a whopping 29.70, when it should have been somewhere in the range of .2 - 4.2. To say I was tired all the time, was an understatement. The Dr. upped my meds to 150mcgs and I am better, but I am sure the blood work on the 14th, the day of my first Thyrogen shot, will be revealing. Keep a stiff upper lip, we will all get through this together.

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