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Just started my LID today. I was wondering if we can have things like mints and chewing gum while on the low iodine diet. It's not easy to find out the iodine levels in ingredients and nutrient labels. If an item has a small amount of sodium on the frozen vegetables, is that ok? Does the sodium on the label have anything at all to do with iodine? Thanks! 8 hours into it and feeling great...ha.

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unfortunatly in todays society they normaly add iodised salt but how much is iodine.

it is much easyer to go for non salted items whenever posible.

look down the lable to see if you can see what type of sodium is in it Sodium Citrate dose NOT have iodine in it, be sure to keep reading the lable cause there may be something else with some iodine in it.

and remember its a LOW iodine not a NO iodine diet... you will get some no matter how hard you try.

in this world we live in they have taught us that Iodine is a good thing so they dont list it in the supplement facts.

on frozen vegitables check the bag again it normaly will tell you if they added anything. welcome to the LID ... you can keep it i hate to think of the next time i will have to go through it.

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I am on day 3 of LID. I am not sure about the candy, but if your looking for something sweet, check out the thyca LID cookbook. they have some breads and stuff with cocoa... The more prepared you are, with meals made or easy to make, and snacks you enjoy(or arent sick of yet) on hand the better you will do! I eat constantly all day so i never get to the crazy hungry person stage. I think this is a big key to coping. Good luck and be strong!

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Yes you can have hard candies. Most things that are fruit flavored are ok, just read the packaging. Archer Farms stuff from target has some sorbet and some gooey snack things that are ok as well. They also have a lime Popsicle too I think.
if you can find this stuff near you go get some! They use flour salt that has no iodine so its safe to use. The bees knees is nice as well as their cinnamon raisin swirl on toasted lid friendly bread!

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lemon drops in candy aisle
and are salt free

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Most hard candy is fine so long as it does not contain milk or milk based ingredients and also no salt. Frozen vegetables that contain salt are not OK. If they just contain say "peas" but have nothing added in the ingredient list, then they are safe. Have you checked out my LID blog? Lots of ideas there...

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