Levothyroxine and soy

I am new to Levothyroxine and I recently noticed the caution on my prescription information says "FOODS THAT CONTAIN soybean flour, cottonseed meal, walnuts or dietary fiber may decrease the absorption of this medicine."
So does this mean I need to be careful about eating soy all the time or after taking my pill? Since I am gluten free and diary free, soy is often found in my food.
And what is "dietary fiber"?

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Yes, soy can affect the absorption of T4 medication...but if you consistently eat the same amount of soy (or high-fiber foods, or whatever), it doesn't generally matter - your dose will get adjusted to go along with your eating habits. Dr. Ain recommends that soy be avoided within 4 hours of taking Levo.

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I take my Levo before bedtime so I guess I do not need to worry about what I eat during the day.

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