Juicing for thyroid ca?

Hi everyone first time writer.
I was diagnosed with aggressive papillary thyroid ca in January 2013, had a TT with partial neck dissection on 2/26/13. They also removed 12 lymph nodes with involvement to seven. In late April I had my RAI, the highest dose they could give me because of the aggressiveness. The cancer in my left side was 8cm. Anyway in September I had my 6 month follow up with an ultrasound and they found a couple of spots in the left side of my neck that looked like disease and my thyroglobulin has not gone down since treatment. My endo increased my synthroid and ordered a chest cat scan to make sure there was no spread. That came back negative. Fast forward to this week, Repeat labs and ultrasound, my lesions in my neck are the same size and my thyroglobulin is still at the same level. My Endo said we could try external beam radiation, more surgery, or an alcohol albasion. In the end we decided to just wait since the spots are not growing and recheck everything in 6 months. I am now going on a clean diet and want to start juicing, but I am trying to find recipes that specifically target thyroid ca. Would anyone know any good ones?

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Good evening alivirginia22,
I also have an aggressive form of PTC and diagnosed with diffuse sclerosing pap thyca in November of 2012. My surgery consisted of a TT with 26 lymph nodes removed with 21 positive and after scans found out I have mets to my lungs. Also, currently in my second round of RAI (administered a dose of 175 mci this afternoon).
I strongly agree the benefits of changing one's diet for the better. I honestly felt sooo much better when I was eating more healthy and recommend giving it a month of dedication to start and I promise you won't regret it. I, personally, have a juicer but only used it once and opted for making smoothies instead since you need so much more fruits and vegetables to make a glass of juice and do not reap the benefits of the pulp of the ingredients. Almost every morning I make a smoothie with a heaping handful of spinach or kale, greek yogurt, some flax or chia seeds, and about a 3/4 cup of whatever fruit I have and make a delicious-quick meal, and of course healthy.
Sending you all my best and wishes for great health for all <3

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Hi! I think juicing is a great idea. I had actually started juicing just a couple of months before my thyroid troubles started and have not been doing it regularly since, but intend to resume ASAP.

Check out Jason vale - the juice master . He is very inspirational. He does these world juicing sessions on Facebook with thousands of followers. 3 or 5 or 7 day juice 'fasts'

As far as juices that are particularly good for thyroid cancers, I'm not an expert but I was going to look into concentrating on foods from the 'antiangeogenic ' group and making sure they are included in the juices/smoothes .

You can google Jason vale and antiangeogenic foods -
There is a very good video on TED talks on the foods - Google Ted talks and search antiangeogenic/cancer

I do believe food intake is very important. If we are healthy we can fight the cancer with more strength.

Ps - the juice fast would take cre of a weeks's worth of lid for those who find it fiddly to sort out all the food restrictions .
Best of luck to you and to us all.
Ps I also have a challenging cancer - mine is poorly differentiated - still trying to work out what that will actually mean for my future prognosis. RAI for me on 29 January.
Take care

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Lulla, I also started juicing and eating healthy a couple months before my neck lymph node popped out and lead to the thyca diagnosis. just sayin...

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hi-- my first time here-i feel blessed i got this cancer in summer beetroot grows very easy in the garden --i have not got my carrots up so have to buy them --carrot beetroot ginger and parsely drink every day-but really need about 3 a day --i stay away from fruit juices--and am sprouting some wheat grass seeds in my sprouter to throw thru the juicer just have to add water--- drink loads of water too trying to keep alkaline----trying to eat lots of raw veggies note my words- trying -i get pretty down when i have failure days as i feel this is the only chance to stop the cancer spreading--also lots of herbal infusions from my garden --sage/lemongrass/lemon balm and honey--i have given up coffee but still love my earl grey tea--- so yes to juicing big time---if you can afford organic all the better --i never juice celery unless its organic --loads of spray used to grow----- i will start the lid diet whenever the hospital bothers to send me a letter about it !!--take care

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The healthy eating part I have done for a long time ... The juicing I did wonder about - only because I was ingesting higher than advised quantities of raw broccoli. Then I heard that cabbage family veg in high quantities are not great for thyroid function... I did wonder whether that had anything to do with my thyroiditis ... But unlikely I think.
However the thyroiditis allowed me to discover my nodules.
All In all - juicing can only be good for you.
It is a bit annoying though - when one eats healthily and exercises and ends up with cancer anyway.

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Lulla2 - "It is a bit annoying though - when one eats healthily and exercises and ends up with cancer anyway." This is how I felt when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, then a year later with thyroid cancer - I mean, come on! When my surgeon (breast) first told me "It's cancer!", I was stoic (my husband fell apart). She thought I didn't hear her, but I told her, "It is what it is, so let's get'r done!" - and even though I'm a VERY healthy 60 year old, I've got to just roll with the punches. Exercise and juice on girl, we'll get through this mess together!

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I'd go easy on the kale and cruciferous vegetables, though. Not sure what the impact is after TT, but they are goitrogenic. Would be interested to know what the advice about these is for people without a thyroid. I discussed it briefly with my doctor, an we kind of shrugged and said, it doesn't matter anymore. I wonder who would know.

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Wondered the same wonderbrat - re the cruciferous vegetables. How can they affect the thyroid when we don't have one anymore? :-)
From what I understand they could have stopped it working properly - so that's surely not a problem anymore.
When one of my endos was trying to figure out possible causes of my initial subacute thyroiditis she made a face when I told her I was taking spirulina . And warned me about effects of integrators

Fundamentally though I don think I ever ate so much of anything that would have lead to thyroid problems. So I want to resume juicing and continue a healthy diet .

Hrlyma - you say you are 60.? Well a healthy diet worked well for you - in your pic you look no older than 40!

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My luck,,,,, My cancer would be a nice healthy strong cancer.
Ya just gotta do what is a normal health diet.
Since thyroid cancer usually has an out of the body cause (radiation) you
can only boost your immune system , and hope for the best.

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There was a great discussion on cruciferous vegetables here a while back. The consensus seems to be that we don't have to be concerned if we don't have a thyroid, so eat them up! They are powerful cancer fighters. I think there is some connection between low iodine intake and cruciferous veggies (brassicas) being an issue, but it doesn't matter anymore after TT. I believe that brassicas don't interfere with T4 (synthroid, etc), either. (However, soy and cottonseed meal and walnuts can, as well as calcium, iron and maybe coffee - not a clear study on the coffee - caffeine? Heat? The milk in it? Coffee itself? So keep all intake away from T4 except water...).

A cancer nutritionist I spoke with recommended against juicing, preferring whole foods that would be in a smoothie, for example. I have a power smoothie each morning with frozen fruit like organic berries, banana, etc, plain organic yogurt, some healthy juice like organic grape, orange, mango, whatever goes with the fruit that day, 1 Tbs chia seeds, 1 Tbs ground flax seed, 1 Tbs organic whey protein, and a handful of baby kale or spinach. Raw greens really have no flavor, and the baby ones are less fibrous, so you can't taste them in the smoothie. If I don't have coffee, I like to add 1 tsp of matcha green tea, which is also a cancer fighter.

I also have an aggressive PTC, and have found that focusing on seriously good nutrition helps to take some control of my life. The bonus? I am feeling amazing now, better than ever before!

I haven't found much anti-cancer info that is thyroid-specific, but my take is that I don't want to get any other cancers, either, and that keeping our immune system strong is our best defense against the assaults of our polluted environment, radiation, crap in food we can't avoid, etc. so I take a general anti-cancer approach. Happens to be good for our heart and everything else, too! The basic approach is filling your plate with 75% fruits and veggies, focusing on the most colorful, nutritious, anti-cancer varieties.

There is a great list of anti-cancer foods on AICR.org (American Institute for Cancer Research) which is supported by cancer research. You will find these foods are also promoted by other respected medical institutions. Please don't fall for all the fad anti-cancer diets you can find
on the web. Two books that were recommended to me by a cancer nutritionist at Cleveland Clinic are Anti-Cancer, a New Way of Life and Dr. Bloch's Life Over Cancer. There is a lot we can do for ourselves, and eating real, nutritious food is one very important strategy.

Wishing you a happy and healthy future!

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Thank you Lulla2! That pick was taken just 2 years ago.
Regarding cruciferous veggies - it was my understanding that cruciferous veggies were to be limited during LID. If I'm to continue limiting for the rest of my days - ooops, I love broccoli, saurkraut and brussel sprous. I guess I'll have to do even more research - darn.

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Thank you everyone this gives me a lot of input to sit and stew on. I've found a lot of stuff about juicing, or diets for other cancers, but as we all know thyroid cancer is unlike any of the others. We have our own unique struggles. If nothing else I am trying to get my body into its most optimum health to start this battle all over again.

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I just saw this link on my Facebook page:

http://commonhealth.wbur.org/2014/01/the-dark-side-of-kale-and-how-to-eat-a round-it

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Linsifer - WELL CRAP!!! Ilove ALL of these, but I don't eat a ton of them every day, so according to this article, it's still safe to eat, just in moderation. It also states that "cooking" these veggies is better for you. I don't know if it's my "fog brain" or what, but I'm not understanding one thing - if we DON'T have our thyroid due to cancer, can our meds counteract the difficiencies or is it also bad when you're on "fake hormones"? Thank you for the article Lin, great info.

And now what ticks me off is certain foods are good for cutting the chances of recurrance of breast cancer, but are "no-no's" for thyroid cancer and vice-versa. Then all this calcium intake I hear can clog arteries and cause heart disease. Geez, take your pick at what malady is your choice to have so you can enjoy certain foods. I'm just going to go eat something - I'm hungry!

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Hrlyma - it gets complex, doesn't it! I did learn something very interesting about the calcium thing you mentioned: we need Vit k --- found in dark green veggies like spinach and kale and that family --- to direct the calcium to our bones, and not float around in the blood steam and sticking in our arteries. Why didn't anyone ever tell me this before? I learned this while looking up Vit k which is in my Alive! Bone Health calcium pill, along with magnesium. I eat a lot of green veggies, so I think I would probably be ok, but I know some people don't eat veggies much, and have bone density problems, osteoporosis, etc... Vit k was discovered when they were studying the effects of Coumadin, the blood thinner.

Anyway, calcium, Vit D, AND Vit k, and magnesium... Lots we need to know to take good care of ourselves!

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I can't find my reply to Hrlyma.?? Now I'm wondering if I clicked on Review and never hit Post. :( It was late! I must have been hungry!

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what to eat and what not to eat.... what's good for us and what's bad for us.... it can get very confusing and frustrating.

Occasionally i get a bit overwhelmed with doubts about making right food choices - or find myself with just 2 things left to eat! That's not good. My husband laughs at me as he's tucking into his full cooked breakfast as I'm eating my oatmeal made with water and blueberries on top.

When food advice or suggestions get confusing I try to bring it back into perspective and remember that generally if it was put on this planet by nature and it's edible and tasty then it's ok to eat. That of course excludes 80% of what's for sale in supermarkets. And then there is the usual, boring but true, 'everything in moderation'
I tend to follow what sounds sensible and plausible about food properties and information. Although it's hard sometimes to work out the scientific stuff (for me anyway... with foggy brain - due to advancing age and thyroid issues :-)

The list of antiangeogenic foods happens to have all stuff I like on it so I will try to eat plenty of those.

Supplements I am never sure about. I sometimes buy them, strart taking a few and then I forget to take them, and then find myself throwing out nearly full containers that have passed their expiration date. - what a waste of money - would like to know more about getting those nutrients direct from real food

The clashing food recommendations are hard to deal with - for example I have been told to avoid nightshades because I have psoriasis. But what a pest to forgo aubergines, raw tomato, peas, peppers... so I still have them but in moderation and because they are nutricious and tasty and they are natural foods.

I agree that smoothies are more complete than juices but I think that juices only are also good. Some fruit and veg does lend itself well to juicing. Others are better as smoothies. I would never juice an avocado for example.

So probably better take all the food advice out there with a pinch of salt!! (non iodiesed while on the LID of course ) ;-)

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hi lulla
yes right you are does your head in a bit 80% and over is rubbish and overprocessed in the super market --so maybe just look at the most natural state of food as possible ---yeah my family laugh at me all the time one minute i am eating bread the next i am not-- the alternative being rice crackers which really are processed--my latest is german pumpernickel bread just about breaks my teeth when toasted--- and instead of great slabs of butter i try and have tahini or pumpkin seed butter on it --- as for pills /vitamins i go into a health food shop and think i need one of everything and usual like you throw them out--- so after my radioactive waste drink i am going to go to a herbalist and get a tonic--- i believe in juicing and sprouting -mung beans and alfalalfa and radish anything really these little sprouts are powerhouses of vitamins and minerals and bowl full mixed with garlic/ginger lemonjuice and tahini is yum---ha i also like kahlua and milk and lollies and fish and chips----the lid diet should be fun

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As far as what's good for you....hehehe, I found this and thought I'd share....
"Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree. That makes it a plant. Chocolate is salad!"
Heh - that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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I like your story, Hrlyma!! :)

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