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I have a TT scheduled for January 2nd and was following the December thread and thought maybe I should start a thread for those of us having surgery or RAI treatment in January. This is for us to offer one another support and to share our experiences with one another.


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I am not having surgery but I am having RAI in January. I am scheduled to start my LID on the 8th. Thyrogen shots on the 22 and 23 and then I swallow the RAI on the 24th.

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Count me in. I'm scheduled 10th but received a call from doctor today may change it to 2 :). Also he give me choice hemi or TT.

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Bumping you up. I hope you can find a great group of people like we did on the December thread!!! Hugs!!

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Dkim, I am excited to hear your RAI experience. I am very worried about that part because I have to stay away from my young children for so long (I was told 8 days). Your doc must be awesome to give you all those dates so far in advance. I feel like I get told things about a week before they happen and I am always in limbo.

SomeOneNew, why are you getting a choice of surgery? I do not have a choice. I am total thyroidectomy because of the size of my left and the confirmed presence of cancer. Yesterday they told me that I have to go on Friday for a FNA of three lymph nodes that looked suspicious on my last ultrasound. Not looking forward to that! Let us know if your surgery date changes.

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Arnden, I did 2 FNA first suspicious for PTC and second is benign. My doctor suggest a hemi to take the worst case. mine is a small nodule with size 0.7 ( less than 1 CM) in right lobe. Other issue which lead me to find this many enlarged Lymph nodes in lateral neck (many of them and the size from 1 CM up to 1.8 CM) my doctor will take a excisional biopsy. US not showing any strange behavior. According to many advises here may I go with TT because of lymphnodes.

I'm reading December group which have a lot of information . My date confirmed today is 2nd of Jan :-)

Hope your surgery goes well ! and so for me :)

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I am not having surgery either, all done with that but I am having RAI in January. I am scheduled to start my LID on the 1st. Thyrogen shots on the 13th and 14th and then RAI on the 15th. Good Luck to all.

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Arnden I had my TT in November. I talked to my endo about two weeks after it and she said we would schedule the RAI for January to miss the holidays. I think part of it also depended on when they would get the thyrogen in. They have to special order everything. I have two boys (7 and 5). So even though I am getting a very low dose (30 mCi), I am still going to isolate myself for a week. I am too concerned about their exposure to my emitting gamma rays not to wait at least a half life. I am concerned about the whole thing, but glad to have people to go through it with me here on the board!

Charlene I think you are a week or so ahead of me! GL!

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Just got called today and told to show up 10am tomorrow for FNAs of three suspicious lymph nodes. I guess things could be worse, but now I am stressed even more. Boo! Hiss!

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After having a TT in 2012 and then RAI few months later I am now having a partial neck dissection on January 3rd to remove nodes on the right side of my throat. Let's all get through the next month or so and power on with our lives!

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I am not sure when mine will be. Just got the call from my doctor that they found cancer during my biopsy. Still just trying to breath. He told me I would have surgery in the next week or two.

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Those of you who have already had a TT. What is the recovery time? I am trying to make plans for work and I'm wondering how long I will be out.

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I'm having my surgery on January 28th, just partial though for now. Had two FNAs both came back suspicious for follicular. I've never had major surgery before so it's a little nerve wracking for me.

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Hello - I think I am between 2 groups - thats me, never quite fit into any mold lol. I am having surgery on 12/31 - New Years Eve - my daughters 18th birthday. Guess it will be like the day I had her, ringing in the new year in the hospital, by my self lol. Anyway, car accident 10/24, had CT Scan in ER, which revealed 2 large nodules. After FNA confirmed cancer and TT scheduled. Here is a question I neglected to ask surgeon about, how do I know my lymph nodes are not involved?

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Hello everyone!!

I am due for RAI at the end of January....but haven't gotten the call to schedule the exact dates yet. I had my TT 11/22, but was delayed a bit in getting the path report and whatnot due to my surgeon taking a week off and the holidays.

ReseUT...my recovery was not bad. I had my surgery (TT and central compartment dissection) the week before Thanksgiving on Friday, so I took Thanksgiving week off and was back to work the next Monday (though I couldn't lift anything over 10lbs, so I had to modify my tasks a bit). I could have taken another week off, but I really didn't feel so bad. I did go home early from work one day the first week back due to my calcium crashing when I forgot to bring my calcium chews with me to work. However, my parathyroids are starting to kick in now, so it's not an issue anymore. Sleeping was the biggest issue the first few days. I had to find just the right number and type of pillows to support my head/neck so that I could be somewhat comfortable to sleep. I also found that it was difficult to look up...so I forced myself to slowly and carefully stretch my neck up everyday as often as I could. I think that helped with the swelling too. Oh...and my upper back, shoulder and neck muscles were all very tight for a week or two. I was able to eat thanksgiving dinner, which was 5 days after the surgery, I just got tired faster than normal. I'm just over a month out and I have only minimal tightness in my throat and my voice is still a little "tired" (I can't yell or talk loud for too long). It really all depends on your surgeon, the extent of your surgery, your type of work and how you heal though. The other thing is that I started taking synthroid again right after the surgery, which helped a lot because I never got very hypo. My meds are still not regulated, but it's not been very bad. All in all, I would say plan for 2 weeks off work if you're just having a TT and central compartment dissection, but you may be able to go back sooner. Your surgeon will probably be able to give their opinion on how long they think you will need as well...mine told me a week off and she was right on.

Lindalou2...I had a lymph node mapping done with ultrasound before my surgery to determine if there were any suspicious lymph nodes. That is how my surgeon determines whether there is lymph node involvement.

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Lindalou, I too had an ultrasound done to check my lymph nodes and when some measured large a FNA of those was ordered. I think a smart doc might have the lymph nodes looked at during the initial thyroid scan if they were already suspicious.

Rese, sorry you have to join us. You might want to look back and read someo f the thread about the December TT people as most of them have already had surgery and can tell you the length of time they needed off.

Coacct, a first surgery can be very nerve racking. I have had quite a few before, but am still a little nervous. Don't be afraid to ask questions or say you need something to the doc or nurses. Moving and stretching helps quicken recovery.

Brooksie, thanks for joining us and sharing your experience.

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Arnden , hope your US become clear. Let's know what will happen with you.

ReseUT, what I know recovery time usually 10 days up to month. everyone is diffrenet .

Brooksie3, how your lymph nodes become suspecios ? Mine around 2CM and it is fatty helium. I saw many surgeion and they said it is fine. The problem mine in lateral neck and taking a complete boibsy a good deal for me, cannot do surgery from front and back at same time

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Thank you so much! It's good to hear from people who have gone through it. I don't wanna go in blind.

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What is lymph node mapping?

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Hi p_marie and welcome to this group !

Why you choose lobectomy instead of TT?

You case like me, my FNA came suspicious, till now I didn't finally decide which option I should take !

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I would be down for that. I have the rest of my thyroid taken out on January 10th. After that, we will see what happens! I would love to discuss issues with people going throught the same thing as I am, so that I don't have to call the Dr. all the time!

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