Hypo- now Hyper?

Hey all- So I posted a week or so ago asking about hyperthyroid symptoms because I was hypothyroid due to TT last year and FINALLY got my levels with in normal. My TSH was 0.2 last month. I finally felt somewhat "normal" again. But then the last week or so I've been feeling awful. I feel jittery, shakey (my hands visibly shake), I'm hungry all the time, but nauseous
if that makes sense, feeling amped up but tired, very hot all the time and sweating. I sometimes feel like I'm gonna pass out at work but my blood pressure and everything are normal. I'm going in to get my labs checked tomorrow. I'm guessing I'm hyper.

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I'm going through the same thing, just did blood tests, hope when I see my doctor next time in couple weeks I will be "normal." I was hyper since april, didnt even know I was hyper, even had a panic attack. My doctor lower my doses, now im feeling better but I dont know just few days ago feel a bit hyper, heart beating fast, tightness in chest. First time being hyper, despite so many times being hypo lol

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I am also experiencing all the same symptoms along with my body, bones and joints aching! Had an Endo appt. last week and pretty much said welcome to being Hyper. Had to put me on Beta Blockers because of heart palpitations, this seems to be working. This whole thyroid cancer journey is tiring.

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