How long is it safe to be with infints after RAI

I was givine RAI on 1/4/2013 and spent the weekend in the hospital. On Monday 1/7/2013 I was cleared to home. I have several different time tables for staying away from children. I have grand children 6 and 18 months. My doctor told me 4 days sleep alone 7 days no children. The admitting doctor said the same thing (the longer the better). On Friday 1/11/2013 I went for my scan an the NM tec that did the scan also said that it is ok to be with children. After the scan another tec look at the results and said two weeks no contact with children. I was so upset I didnot any more questions. When will it be safe to be with children.

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What was your dose? The answers depend on that.
If it was 100mci, I would recommend at least 10 days away from the grandchildren. If it was lower, maybe 7 days is okay.

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My dose was 104 mci. When would the 10 days start - from the day I took the RAI or from the day I was cleared?

Thank you

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From the day you had the dose.

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I was told 7 days but I stayed away for 12 just to be sure.

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I have a 4 yr old son and was also getting very conflicting advice on time to stay away from him. I have been told 2 days, 7 days, 4 days. I decided I would take the longest precaution to be safe and might add another day or two as well. I just want to be safe with it. Once you get back to normal life, spend a little extra time with them and you will feel better. I personally can't imagine my son having a health problem later and then questioning myself for possibly harming him. You know? I would rather miss him terribly but for him to be safe as possible. Good luck to you. I know it's so difficult to stay away from the little ones!

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Oh, I meant to say... I had 50 millicuries yesterday and plan to stay away from my son for 8 days.

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