Heinz no salt tomato ketchup?

I was roaming around the grocery store looking for my ingredients to make some of the lid recipes and came across this ketchup. It has nothing bad in it. I know this is a low iodine diet but this stuff might just be ok. I am not loving the home made ketchup too much. The only thing that is has in it I am not sure of is alsosalt. Has anyone heard of this stuff?

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Looks okay to me

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I used that Ketchup...for my LID....worked beautifully!! I made "french dressing" and "Sloppy Joes" with it.
was real good!!!!

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I've used that ketchup on my LID. Used it in one of the meatloaf recipes in the THYCA book - not too bad at all.

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I use it regularly, as well as with LID, because I have to eat a low sodium diet. I was so pleased to find it last year in a regular ol' grocery store! ;-)

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