Glucosamine and Synthroid

Does anyone know if it's okay to take glucosamine while on Synthroid? With achey muscles and joints, I'm thinking it might be a good idea.


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I believe it should be fine to take it. The only endocrine related thing I have seen regarding glucosamine is that it may raise blood sugar levels in some diabetics.

- Katy :-)

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Have your vitamin levels checked too. Low vitamin D and C and other deficiencies can cause joint and muscle aches.

So if you have vitamin/mineral deficiencies then you can treat the cause of the achy-ness instead of the symptoms. :)

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I was wondering about this as well. If I remeber I will ask my endo about it. The joints of my right hand have been hurting so I would also like to know this answer.

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I'm so glad that you brought this up. I just saw my endo yesterday and forgot to ask! I'm 29 years old and have osteoporosis from a medication I was on as a teenager, and have been wanting to take Glucosamine as well....

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Okay -- I just checked with my endo, and she says she is not aware of any issues with taking glucosamine while on Synthroid. So let's try it!

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Thanks dhwald! I hope it helps with our joint aches and pains.

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I asked my endo as well and she said to take it. I am a runner and often get sore knees and it has not interfered with my synthroid at all.

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I would like to hear from some folks who actually feel that glucosamine helps. I sure could use it for knees, ankles and wrist.

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I had my thyroid removed in October of 2007 and I just didn't feel the same after surgery. It was a feeling of being not at the top of my game or just not as sharp, etc. In February 2011, I was introduced to Max GXL by a friend and I have to tell you, I feel so much better. I lost a few pounds, sleep better at night (deep sleep and wake up refreshed), have more energy, and feel much much better. I have 3 kids, ages 4 to 9 and need all the energy I can get. It also helps me exercise and not have so much pain afterward and a shorter recovery time. I am not saying that all is perfect, I am just saying I will be on Max GXL and synthroid for the rest of my life, because I feel like it is a great combination and definitely helps me with aches and pains and I feel like I have a better outlook on life. Everyday with my family is a gift from God. Just so you know, MAX GXL contains Vitamin C, L Glutamine, N-acetyl Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Cordyceps, D- Glucosamine, Wuercetin, Milk Thistle Extract. I ended up joining MAX and selling it because so many of my family members are on it now. Here is a website that gives you a lot more info. It is the lady that introduced it to me's website.
Here is my website, if you want to get my email or phone number to call me Thanks and I hope this can help some of you. Much Love,
p.s. I am in the Dallas area, does anyone know of Thyroid cancer survivor meetings here?

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