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Hi. I have had 2 benign FNAs Due to the growth of the many nodules, hashis and thyroid kits, I decided on total thyroidectomy. That was three days ago. They did A frozen section which came back with suspicion for papillary cancer. The final pathology report will be back in a week. My question is has anyone had a frozen which was suspicious come back benign or negative or does suspicion always come back malignant? Help appreciated!

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hi im sorry im not able to help but i have just had a solid nodule removed, and the consultant said it looked suspicious on removal, i posted almost the same question as you , has anyone had a nodule that looked suspicious come back clear, i am still waiting my results, fingers crossed for both of us. i only had one side done as this was recomended, if cancer will then have to go back for completion and rai.

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I had a pathologist in the OR when I had my TT and it was "suspicious" until the final tests were done and it was confirmed as papillary... That also confirmed the FNA results that were also "suspicious"...

Be Strong and Stay Positive!

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For me FNA and frozen section were suspicious for hurtle cells, final pathology came back negative, stay positive!!.. Good luck

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I had a 3 cm nodule (the one that alerted me to go get checked) that was found 'suspicious for malignancy' after biopsy. When I had my surgery, they took my whole thyroid. That particular nodule was BENIGN but there were two other smaller nodules (one on both sides) that were cancerous. So yes.. sometimes the 'suspicious' ones do come back benign - and sometimes they may reveal other things you wouldn't have known about! Hopfully, it's ALL benign for you! :-)

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