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He there,

I had a Thyroidectomy on Jan/18/12. Had lid, Rai of 125mci in March/28/12 and then a WBS. We had to change my Synthroid amounts often to get them suppressed and me feeling fine.
After my one year mark went on lid and had a tracer dose or Rai in May/13 and WBS.
I waited what seems forever for my results. I was told 5-6 weeks. I finally called my Endo after 2 months for results and the secretary said my Endo saw my results and that I had an appt. in Sept/13 so that was fine.
Still waiting for results so now I am at my Surgeon yesterday for my one year to year and half by now appt. I ask him for my results. He had to get them downloaded from the Hospital and says I have not seen them because your Endo is the one following and asked for these test. So he has to read them while I am waiting! Then he says well there is something on the lower right side looks like it is capsulated. Maybe a ganglion or nodule hard to tell. When I see these results I get an Eco done so we can see what it is. At this point I have been waiting for 3 full months and my family were all asking me my results, but you know what they say no news is good news! So now I am doing the waiting game again! Waiting for an actual Eco appt. and then to see my Endo in 3 weeks which means the Eco will be done only after that appt. I cannot seem to win here! Well hopefully all is well in the results. Just when you think you are fine this happens!
Sorry for being longwinded! I just have been waiting for so long and now I get this! Good grief!

Anyone else can tell me about this capsulated thing?



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That's just crazy. This is your health, your life. I would want results the same day or a day after they have them. Too many doctors these days have way too many patients and just don't take the time to care for people like we need. :-(

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I had my first follow-up WBS this morning at the 8 month post-ablation mark. The radiologist read the scan and reported the results to me as soon as the scan was complete. The fact that you had to wait that long for any result, especially a potentially abnormal one, is horrific. I always fill out a form at the hospital or lab when I get any bloodwork or imaging done. Often times I receive my results in the mail before my endo's office calls me.

I cannot believe you were told 5-6 weeks before results are available. Radiographs and scans should have reports posted in the hospital data base next day or in 2 days at most. I would bring this up with your endo and if the endo is not supportive of you being informed of your health status sooner, I would consider switching to another endo if possible.

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hi.sorry you are waiting so long.I try to get all my records so i can bring them to other docs. they seem not to get them a lot.hope all goes well. your friend r

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Hi everyone,

It is normal where I live in Quebec Canada to wait 5 to 6 weeks for results! What I am not happy about is that I know the Endo read the results and is waiting to see me in Sept/13. Now Thursday I saw my Surgeon for my yearly check up and he downloaded the results and read them for the first time because he is not the one who asked for the Rai and Wbs. and tells me I have a capsulated in my right side which he is not sure if it is from my previous thyroid cancer because it is out of the thyroid area. Good grief, what else could it be from. I have worked in the medical field and even I know it must be. Now waiting for an Eco and again waiting for results! Unfortunately my Endo appt. is mid Sept/13 and the test was to be booked in the next 6 weeks. So I see the Endo before the test. That sucks! I hate not knowing and because I waited so long for these results how long will I wait for the others too? Thank God I am a believer and am blessed with patience! I will put it in the Lords hands and wait again!


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I am very sorry you have had to wait so long and still not know exactly what is happening in your body. This disease and the medical profession are so hard to deal with! Best wishes that the eco results will be good--

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