Experience since RAI last Wednesday

Well I had my RAI on Wednesday (150 mCi). It was no big deal, walked in they had me sign an agreement to follow instructions, asked if I had any questions (my advice to everyone is to write down questions before hand - I forgot everything accept to ask what my dosage was), and then brought the pill in. The pill came in a thick metal container, no one was wearing a hazmat suit, they took the vial (plastic) with the pill in it handed it to me I emptied the vail/pill in my mouth and drank water (I asked to a second cup of water before we began). The tech walked me out the door and I went to my car and drove home. The following is what I went through over the next few days until now.
Wednesday - got home felt okay at first but I had a burning in my stomach, so I drank lots of water (since I couldn't eat anything). Later I had some vegetable soup with some bread (LID that I made). My stomach was still burning a bit, so that night I broke my LID and drank about 1/2 cup of milk and it helped. Also my saliva/sinus area swelled some (felt like I had a sinus infection without the burning). My mouth and sinus' are dry.
Thursday - Still had some swelling but not as much pressure as the night before. Still didn't really feeling like eating, so I drank some juice. (OH! I have drank more than a gallon of water each day so far.) In the afternoon I started to get a pain in my thyroid bed area on the left side (this is where my nodule was) till today I still have the pain. Also I began to feel nauseated, the smell of food cooking just put me over the edge.
Friday - Still nauseated from the smell of food cooking. The only thing I can tolerate is cereal (sweet) with milk, citrus type fruits, ate one sandwich which was okay. When I drink water now I have a metallic taste, so I guess that is affecting why my taste is off. Mouth and sinus' are still dry especially when I wake up from sleeping.
Saturday - Didn't feel nauseated in the morning, which was nice, but by the evening when dinner was being cooked the nausea came back (ended up closing the vents in the room hoping that would keep the smell out - didn't help). Metallic taste is still with me. Dry mouth and sinus' only when I wake up, or if I haven't drank anything for more than an hour. Thyroid bed still hurts on the left side. I find that at night I really don't want to eat anything. Since I haven't been expending at lot of energy (being quarantined) I stay up late at night (midnight Friday and Saturday).
Sunday - Haven't felt nauseated yet, had cereal again. Throat/neck still hurts on the left side. Metallic taste is still there. Dry mouth/sinus' still the same. Starting to feel cooped up now, feeling a bit better so I guess I want to get out.

As a guy I have found some things difficult in the sense of remember to do things differently. Thank god I have my own bedroom and bathroom that no one else will use while I am recovering. Sitting on the toilet I have remembered to do, but sometimes I forget to put the lid down when I flush.

Also I have the issue of trying to figure out if the symptom I am having is because of having the RAI, Synthroid, or both. Like I was having dry skin sometimes before RAI but since having it my skin is drying out everywhere (especially my hands as I am having to wash them all the time right now). So is RAI enhancing some of the side effects of the Synthroid I take? Anyway just reminding myself that this is only going to help in my journey back to a healthy life.

I have to keep reminding myself that radiation is a bad thing and to take precautions, it is not something that is tangible like when I had my thyroid surgery and I had a bandage across my neck (I saw it and felt it) but with this there are no physical reminders. So I keep trying to remind myself to take precautions.

I go back for my Whole Body Scan (WBS) on Wednesday (a week after receiving my RAI). If I see the nuclear medicine doctor I am going to ask him about the Hurthle Cell carcinoma I have. From my reading Hurthle Cell doesn't take up the RAI, so how do we know if it has spread or not, and how is that going to be monitored? Then on the next Monday I get my results. I'll let you all know how things progress. Wow, this was a long one.

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I am happy it is almost over for you! I am sorry for everything you are experiencing!

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So so happy you took the time to write of your experiences. I find it very helpful. Can not know if I will have similar experiences
but it is great to know what can and what does happen. thanks

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I have my RAI on 12/3. Thank you for posting! Very helpful

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My RAI is scheduled for Dec. 06... Thank you for sharing your experience.

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