Everything tastes like Salt!

Absolutely everything tastes like salt! And I mean a lot of salt. I can't even drink water today! Foods, water, all drinks and even the water when I brush my teeth ! I feel like I'm going crazy today!!! I am 10 days post RAI. Can anyone help me solve this problem?

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I had the same thing after Rai, It lasted several months. The only thing I could drink that didn't taste salty was chocolate milk. It will get better, hang in there.

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Everything I eat and even my spit tastes like metal. I have given up enjoying food for hopefully the time being. I was drinking lots of water but now can't stand the taste and it becomes a chore to drink it. I can barely taste food through the metal taste and am only eating because I have too. The only thing I occasionally taste is very spicy food and then only occasionally. Hoping it only lasts a few weeks but who knows. You would think I would lose weight at this point but since I am still not regulated no such luck. Hang in there and hopefully it will pass soon. It is interesting in that all the side effects of RAI I seem to have gotten. I guess I am lucky in that regard. Actually, they didn't tell me about this one but I had read it.

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The wonderful side effects of RAI can last for weeks or months, depending on dose and how your body reacts. On my first dose, which was only 137mCi, it took about 6 weeks for things to start to taste "normal". On my second dose, which was 208mCi, it took several months for things to get close to normal, and some things never have tasted like I remember... It just takes time for your body to heal from that kind of damage.

Be Strong and Stay Positive!

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I agree. Had RAI Monday and nothing has tasted good yet, but of course, no weight loss! I find I'm just a little bit nauseous too. Not really bad, but queasy. I was so looking forward to pizza too! oh well. hopefully, soon, we'll be back to normal. I'm not drinking the water either. I know I should but it's just not going down. yuck. :P

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Hi, everything I ate tasted like salt, also. I had a constant salty taste in my mouth for at least two or three weeks. Since I taste our food as I cook to check on the seasonings, I couldn't tell if something tasted right or not. Fortunately, my husband seemed to think everything tasted just fine. The only food I could really taste was something spicy. My taste buds gradually came back to normal, but it must have taken at least a month-maybe more. When your taste buds get back to normal, you'll enjoy your food even more! Good luck with your recovery.

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