Do i need RAI? Pls help

Hi all,

I am 25 yrs old.
2 months post thyroidectomy for PTC i have following lab results:

TSH .01 uIU/mL
TG .9ng/ml
T4 1.8 ng/dL

I am currently in synthroid 150mg

Will have WBS in a month. Do i need RAI if my WBS is clean?
Pls help.

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Your pathology report will help determine whether RAI is needed of not. Also, the findings from the WBS. Do you have your results from the report? Type of cancer, variant, location or locations, size, extra-thyroidal extension, lymph node involvement, your age, etc. are all factors for consideration. Talk with your doctor about these things. If you don't have your pathology report, I would get a copy of it by going to the Records Department of the hospital and requesting a copy. It was time well spent for me.

Wishing you all the best.

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Thank You very much for the reply. I had 2.4cm classical papillary tumor, clear margins, no lymph node removed at time of surgery. i have a 5 month old baby and that is why i am hesitating RAI treatment.

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OH IDK! I had a partial last month. (came back as PTC with follicular variant) I am having my completion tomorrow and then doing rai 4 to 6 weeks later. (from what my endo has said anyways)

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I had a 5 month old at the time of surgery too! I had several lymphnodes removed and a 3 cm nodule and they suggested RAI. I'm sure your pathology report will tell them if you will need it or not.

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and how are you feeling at TSH of .01? you must be feeling pretty hyperthyroid.

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Gather all your information. Do your research. It's a very individualized decision based on several factors, that interestingly enough, many doctors don't even agree on. Keep in mind that current treatment protocols are changing. Research also shows that having RAI doesn't necessarily improve outcomes, as it does not prevent recurrence. More and more of us (some of us with our doctors' blessings) are taking and wait and watch stance. As long as you get checked regularly and see no evidence of the remaining Tg increasing, and if you did have any mets, your subsequent ultrasounds and CT scans are clear, why take on the risks of RAI?
Whatever you do though, make an informed decision that is based more on research, not other patients' opinions. (Including mine) :-)

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Without growth outside the thyroid, and no lymph nodes removed. I would just go for a tiny RI ablation dose. No ri treatment. You can watch and wait. You are stage one and just need to keep watch with your tg levels and ultrasounds. Of course talk it over with your docs, but at stage one I doubt a treatment does is necessary.

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That's no lymph nodes involved. Sure with this site had an edit button.

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