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Just noticing on here that many people were in the same boat as I, being diagnosed during pregnancy or by an OB/GYN. Is this as common as I think? I wonder why they spot it. Anyone else go through this journey with a baby to take care of on top of adjusting to life post TT?

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i was diagnosed after a miscarriage...my bloodwork revealed an abnormality (unrelated to the thyroid) which bought me an endo consult. during the exam he found i had an enlarged thyroid, got an ultrasound, and fast forward to all the steps and i am currently on isolation for rai. :)

i tend to think that perhaps younger people don't get the same bloodtests and when we are pregnant they do test our tsh and other items not in a normal workup.

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Baby is 5 weeks. Had a TT 3 weeks ago. Baby was just 2 weeks old. Now I'm dealing with my endo not answering my questions and saying just to wait for my breasts to stop lactating. I'm very nervous about getting RAI with being away from my kids and the whole breat issue.

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I was lucky to have an amazing surgeon who let me wait on my TT until my baby was older, knowing that I wanted to nurse. I pumped after the surgery and by some sort of karmic grace (Karma really owed me by this point) my doctor determined that RAI wasn't necessary.

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I'm not a medical professional but somewhere in my research I think I read that pregnancy causes thyroid tissue to grow. I think thats what cause mine to "grow" enough to become detected. I had my daughter in February and found a swollen lymph node in May. My TT was 6/19 and I had my RAI dose today. My 6 month old daughter is spending the next 7-10 days with my parents.

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Mine was found during pregnancy. It was the size of a pea and now 6cm. I am waiting for a surgery date.

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I found out about my thyca when i was 6 weeks and had surgery at 8 weeks. I had a total thyroidectomy and a left neck dissection. I also had a 1 1/2 year old at the time. That was by far the hardest part was recovering from surgery with a baby to take care of while being preggo. Fast forward to november i had my c section and then I breast fed for about 6 weeks and then did my RAI in January . Its rough no doubt but youll get through it. :) sending hugs your way my dear!

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Found out about my papillary thy cancer and found out I was pg with my 3rd child three days later. TT @ 15 wks pg. had RAI when my baby was 3 1/2 months old. 2012 was a long year!! You'll get though it. I'm trying to balance caring for 3 kids, working full time with a husband on an opposite schedule, and caring for me. It is a struggle and some days are harder than others. You can do it. Take all the help you can get!!!

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