Dental work after RAI

I had RAI on 8/5 and two days ago a back tooth broke off at the gum line. Does anyone know if the needed x-rays ca be done this soon after RAI? Hopefully my dentist will know but would like to be informed before I call him tomorrow. Thanks

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I would think there would be no problem with having a periapical taken to check the tooth and the root of the tooth. I would still mention your RAI therapy, but it will probably make no difference in your treatment needed. A periapical, or PA, is a single X-ray taken to check the root of the tooth since it broke at the gum line. Good luck!

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Thanks very much. Funny how what would have been a big deal a few months ago is just an inconvenience now.

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I had about four typical dental office x-rays performed on me since my RAI in January 2012.

Since they (supposedly?) can't see tooth crevices that might be weakening the tooth (or scan to see how the tooth roots look) on these x-rays (or so I've been informed by the hygienist?), I wonder why they even do them?

Just had a tooth let go (as in split) on me too (third molar from the right on top row) last month in July, and that took an exploratory x-ray too to make sure the roots would come out. Wonder if fragile teeth can be traced back to RAI too?

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Hey Petey,
Sorry about your tooth fracturing on you. Do not know if RAI has anything to do with fragile teeth, but I do know that large restorations can weaken the tooth and can cause teeth to fracture down the road. Silver fillings or amalgam restorations expand and contract with temperature and over time weaken the tooth especially if the filling covers the majority of the tooth. Composite or tooth colored fillings are different, but the larger the filling, the weaker the tooth structure. I hope this makes sense. Root canals make teeth weaker and that is why crowns or caps are placed on molar teeth to protect the whole tooth. Root canals replace the nerve of the tooth, the vitality of the tooth, thus making it weaker. Don't know your situation, but thought I would try to give you some information. I hope this helps answer part of your question, my friend!

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I work in the dental field and was cavity free til i turned 50 i year after a dose of 100 mCi of RAI, i think the RAI caused a bit of dry mouth and salivary gland issues that lead to the decay 5 cavities in 6 months

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Dry mouth. Dental issues seem to be very common and prolific
after RAI treatment.
I have franchised my dentist on a trip to Machu Pichu.
I have 3 , going on 4 implants.
Following all of the recommendations for dry mouth control
and avid cleaning- including 4x/year peridontal cleanings.....
cutting out the coca-cola...
it remains a problem.
Next apptmt Sept 10.
Fortunately there is ins coverage at %50.
Not going to say undeniably, it was the RAI, solely- but sure did not help.

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The build up since RAI is awful''''i had so much plaque I was embarrassed at dentist, but they assured me RAI caused it...have to get cleaning in three months again....brushing teeth all the time....

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