DAY 8 on LID--feel lousy!

Today is my 8th day on LID, woke up feeling really horrible. I am dizzy and easily fatigued. Don't know if it's the diet or just me not feeling well. Has this happened to any one else on LID?

I am going to have Thyrogen shots next Mon and Tues. RAI on Thursday. I've gained a little weight since my TT on 5/28, about 4 pounds. I have been updating my blog daily for positive vibes through out all this. I find that putting my recipes and feeling into writing is helping me cope with all this.

My mother was just diagnosed with the same type of thyroid cancer that I had. I will be re-living all this with her starting on 8/14.


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Most people will feel fine on the LID, however, you are missing out on some key nutrients - specifically calcium. You might try adding some safe calcium sources (raw almonds) to your diet and see if that improves how you feel. Hang in there. So sorry you have to face this again in your family.

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It happened to me. Twice. And on Day 8 both times. Bizarre, isnt it? I, too, think there was some nutrient missing that I needed. Try to find a safe source of folic acid, too.

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I'm getting RAI in August and my dr at Sloane told me I only need a week of LID... I thought it was 2 weeks. Anyone else do one week?

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After a really rough morning I took and iron pill and 2 Tums, it really seemed to help a lot. Today I am feeling much better.
I think that I will con't taking Tums daily. I think I really did need the Calcium.

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I am wrapping up my last couple days on my LID, post RAI treatment. I think my saving grace was to take a B-Complex vitamin every morning with breakfast and to ensure I was sufficiently getting enough protein and calcium during the diet (via peanut butter, avocados, nuts, coconut milk). It made a world of difference. Throughout much of my 3-week LID (including the week during my RAI treatment) I only felt at about 75-90% of my normal self at TSH levels hovering around 90 (!). Thankfully Thursday is my post RAI scan and I can go back on my meds. Looking forward to getting things back to normal ASAP!

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